Preservation and Conservation Units and Initiatives

  • Preservation Administration
    Development of policies and programs to ensure the long-term preservation of the library's collections
  • Bindery Preparations
    Library binding of serials and monographs.
  • Book Repair
    In-house repair and rebinding of books from the circulating collections.
  • Conservation
    In-house treatment of rare and special collections materials.
  • Digital Preservation
    Study and advisory services on policy for the long-term preservation of digital collections.
  • Environmental Monitoring
    Collection and analysis of the library's storage environments.
  • Audio and moving image preservation
    Collaborative program with the Digital Conversion Unit to digitize and preserve rare or unique audio and moving image recordings
  • Mass Deacidification
    Treatment of books printed on acidic paper that has not yet gone brittle
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Last modified: 07/05/2017