Digital Preservation Unit

The Digital Preservation Unit, staffed by head Lance Stuchell and Digital Preservation Specialist Scott Witmer, strives to ensure the near- and long-term use and viability of the University Library's digital collections by staying abreast of the latest standards, developments, trends, and technologies in the digital preservation community. The Unit consults with digital content and collections managers to keep the Library's digital assets useful, contemporary, and secure for patrons now and in the future.

We are also available for consultations to the University of Michigan campus community. Contact us at for an appointment to discuss your needs.

Digital Preservation Laboratory

As a cumulation of several years of research and testing, the department of Preservation and Conservation established a Digital Preservation Lab (DPL) in June of 2017. The primary purpose of the DPL is to develop and implement workflows for the preservation of born-digital content received by the Library. Current priorities are focused on preserving content on obsolete media in the Special Collections Research Center. Plans are also in the works to take advantage of the lab’s capabilities in various other ways across the Library including:

  • Serving as the ingest point for certain types of digital content created outside of Library-managed processes including some digital collections and licensed resources. 
  • Facilitate research to identify new approaches to accessioning, preserving, and accessing digital content.
  • Act as a learning space for students and the community.  


The Digital Preservation Unit has compiled general resources relating to the preservation of digital collections in both professional and home contexts. Please see:

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Last modified: 10/08/2018