Book Repair

The Book Repair unit performs repair, rebinding, and pre-shelf binding on general collections materials that do not fit the Library's commercial binding contract or that otherwise require special handling and individual attention. The unit aims to develop and use repair techniques that permit efficient turn-around but are preservationally sound and sensitive to the integrity of the book and the needs of the Library's patrons.

Book Repair works on print materials from the general and circulating collections from all libraries and divisions in the University Library system. Materials from any of the Library’s special collections should be brought to the attention of the Conservation Unit of the Department of Preservation and Conservation. The Book Repair unit does not serve the independent libraries on campus (Law, Business, Bentley, Clements, Ford), nor does it provide contract work for organizations or individuals outside the University Library.

Book Repair treats approximately 3,000 volumes each year.

Guidesheets (pdf)

Book Repair Policy

Item Process Status Codes used in Preservation

Work Flow for Binding and Book Repair

Photocopy Guidelines

Soiled Books

Care and Handling of Books

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Last modified: 08/15/2018