Bindery Preparations

Bindery Preparations manages the flow of books to and from the commercial binder. The library’s current binding contract is with the HF Group. Bindery Prep collates, inspects and prepares monographs and serials for all libraries in the University Library system.

A volume sent to Bindery Prep for binding should have a maximum turn-around time of six weeks; exceptions are when the commercial binder has made an error. Errors are returned to the binder in the following shipment for correction, which will add four additional weeks before the volume is returned to the library.

Library units apply the Library Catalog Search item process status code "BD" to books when they send them to Bindery Prep, so the public catalog shows the status note "At Bindery."  Click for additional Item Status Codes used by Preservation.

Bindery Prep currently coordinates binding for over 30,000 volumes each year. Each library has a quota for both monographs and serials. The quotas are set at the beginning of the new fiscal year.

Here are the current year's statistics (clicking on the link will launch MS Excel)

Serials      Monographs     Pamphlets

Here is the Truck Shipment schedule: Shipment dates

Orientation handouts Periodically, Bindery Preparations (along with Book Repair) conducts orientation sessions for new employees. Handouts are distributed during these sessions. Those from the most recent session are provided below in PDF format for reference.

Overview (pdf)

Monographs introduction (pdf)

Monographs general information (pdf)

Serials introduction (pdf)

Serials: What Went Wrong (a translation of the cryptic returned problem slip) (pdf)

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Last modified: 06/28/2018