ALEPH Item Process Status Codes used for Preservation, Conservation, and Digital Conversion


Any library public service desk may contact Shannon Zachary x3-6980 (or the person(s) listed next to the meaning for each processing code) with queries about any code on this list *except* PB, RP, PR, PRESV

Generally speaking: if an item has a Bindery Prep, Pamphlet Binding, or Mass D code (the book is sent off campus to an outside vendor for treatment) on it and the update date is less than 4 weeks old, send the patron to ILL or electronic resourses (it is likely to be 3 to 8 weeks before the item is back on the shelf). If the update date is more than 4 weeks old, we or the receiving unit may be able to snag it as it returns and put it on hold for the patron.

Book Repair items remain on campus and usually we can locate and rush the item.

Process Status Code

Public Display


The following codes designate books sent to Bindery Preparations or to Book Repair, and are added by the sending library:


At Bindery

sent to Bindery Prep 


At Bindery

sent to Pamphlet Binding 


At Book Repair

sent to Book Repair (Contact: Norm or Jeff x3-2446)

The following codes may be used by library units to designate books pulled to a local staff area for action:
(Contact the owning library's local tech processing staff)


Pulled for Binding

unit designates how used


Being Repaired. Ask Staff

unit designates how used

The following codes are for internal use by Preservation/Conservation staff only:






At Book Repair


In Transit from
Book Repair


In Transit from Bindery

Brittle Books "DoA" workflow; preparing for transfer to the Digital Conversion Unit for scanning.


Returned from Book Repair to library (Contact: owning library)


"CopyCovers" checked in from bindery and in transit back to library (Contact: owning library)


At Bindery

“CopyCovers” processed and sent to commercial bindery 


At Bindery

pamphlets processed and sent to commercial bindery 


In Transit from Bindery

pamphlets checked in from bindery and in transit back to library (Contact: owning library)




Sent for Deacidification


Sent for Dacidification

volumes which will be sent for deacification from issuing library. Indicates that item is still at Book Repair. 


This code is only for internal use by the deacidification unit and indicates that an item is in process at the vendor.


At Book Repair volumes for which a pizza box will be made 


At Book Repair volumes sent to Book Repair or Bindery Preparations which will be staplebound inhouse 


In Preservation

volumes in Digital Conversion work flow. Generally unavailable, order thru ILL. (Contact: Lara x6-2289)

The following codes are for internal use by Special Collections and
 Preservation/Conservation staff:



Sent for Conservation  


On loan to Conservation  


Returned from Conservation  

Additionally, anything with a sub-library location of “PRESV”- Check the shelf, if it is not on the shelf, it is unavailable and should be ordered through ILL.



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Last modified: 07/05/2018