International Studies

Who we are

What we do

The International Studies team consists of subject librarians, catalogers, and acquisitions specialists with diverse linguistic and cultural expertise. We build distinctive collections and provide support for research and teaching in various scholarly disciplines focused on regions across Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Australia and the Pacific. Our collections are in a wide variety of formats, scripts, and more than 200 languages.

Our subject specialists offer research consultations and instruction sessions, curate exhibits, and collaborate on digital scholarship projects. We often travel abroad to purchase materials and liaise with our suppliers. Our cataloging and acquisitions specialists work in more than 60 languages and 13 scripts to ensure that collection materials are preserved and discoverable for worldwide users. 

We work closely with the International Institute and departments across campus to support their scholarly activities. Internationally we partner with libraries and research institutes to advance scholarship, long-term preservation of and access to global resources.

What we're working on