Barbara Alvarez

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Hatcher 208A
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1190
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Head, International Studies; Librarian for Romance Languages & Literatures, Iberian Studies and Comparative Literature


I lead the International Studies Team and act as liaison to the departments of Romance Languages and Literatures and Comparative Literature. I support the research, teaching and learning in the area of Romance languages and literatures, Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian studies as well as general and comparative literature. I manage collections in these subject areas, teach research methods, and provide research consultations.


I have an M.A. in Hispanic Literatures and an M.L.I.S., both from the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada). I also completed coursework in Iberian Studies at the University of Warsaw (Poland). Before joining the University of Michigan Library, I worked as a reference librarian at the University of Alberta, and later on at the University of Rochester, NY, where I was the subject specialist for Modern Languages and Cultures, and Translation Studies.