Shapiro Design Lab Media Production Rooms

Design Lab Media Rooms

The Shapiro Design Lab Media Rooms offer high-quality media production and post-production software and equipment. The Winberg Media Production Room is designed for audio and video production, including screencasting, while the Perlstein Editing Room is designed for media post-production as well as game design, 3D and graphic design, and animation.

Carl Winberg, M.D. Media Production Room

HD Camera and microphone
Professional lighting
Backdrops (green, blue, black, and portrait)
Recording booth and microphones
Mac Pro Digital Audio Workstation w/4K Monitor, 25-key synthesizer, and Ableton Push

Michael J. and Leslee C. Perlstein Editing Room

Mac Pro + Two 4K Monitors
27" 5K Retina iMac
Wacom Cintiq HD 23” tablet


A variety of software is available on both machines, with the most popular listed below. To ask about or recommend a specific piece of software, please email

Audio (on Winberg Audio Station)

Ableton Live 9 Suite
Adobe Audition CC
Logic Pro X
ProTools 10


Adobe Premiere CC
Da Vinci Resolve
Final Cut Pro

3D + CAD

AutoDesk Suite
Auto Desk Fusion 360

Graphic Design + Animation

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects CC
Clip Studio Pro (Perlstein Station A)

Software Development and Data Analysis



In order to use these rooms, you need to attend a 30-minute orientation. Once you complete the Orientation, you will be able to reserve the room for future use (24/7, four hours at a time) using the Library's room reservation system.

Orientations take place duing Open Workshop, which is Monday-Thursday 4-8 pm. Stop by the Shapiro Design Lab Workshop (right next to the Media Production Rooms) at 5pm, 6pm, or 7pm, Monday-Thursday. If you are unable to make those times, please email and we will try to schedule an alternative time.

If you would like a same-day reservation for the rooms, it's possible we could accommodate you. Please tell us what time(s) you want to use the room by emailing

Last modified: 01/18/2018