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Jeffrey R. Brender, Deborah L. Heyl, Shyamprasad Samisetti, Samuel A. Kotler, Joshua M. Osborne, Ranadheer R. Pesarub, and Ayyalusamy Ramamoorthy. Membrane disordering is not sufficient for membrane permeabilization by islet amyloid polypeptide: studies of IAPP(20–29) fragments. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, v 15, issue 23, 21 June 2013, pp. 8908-8915.


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The Shapiro Science Library provides services and resources to support research, teaching, and scientific inquiry in the fields of Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Environment and Sustainability, Physics, and Statistics.

We are located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the Shapiro Library Building, which also houses the Shapiro Undergraduate Library and the Askwith Media Library.

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