Shapiro Library

The Shapiro Undergraduate Library is a prime location to meet for a group project, find a study nook, or pull a cram session — fueled with food and drink from the first-floor café.


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919 S. University Ave

Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1185

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Shapiro Library

  • When open 24 hours, an MCard is required for access from midnight to 8am

  • The third floor and connector to Hatcher are closed for Clark Commons Project construction

  • Study spaces available whenever the building is open, see library lobby information services desk hours and details

  • Masking is optional

Getting here

Find transit and parking information.

Learn how to navigate Shapiro Library by viewing its floor plans, physical accessibility information, and more.


Inside Shapiro

  1. Askwith Media Library

    Askwith Media Library makes available a comprehensive collection of films and television programs for study, individual viewing, classroom screenings, and more, in a variety of formats.

  2. Bert's Café

    Refuel at this first-floor spot named after longtime library supporter Bert Askwith.

  3. Computer and Video Game Archive

    The Computer and Video Game Archive (CVGA) acquires, maintains, and makes available an extensive collection of video games, consoles, board games, and more, from the 1970s to today.

  4. Design Lab PIE Space

    Meet for a group project and get inspired in this open workspace.

  5. Design Lab Workshop

    Get creative with our 3D printers, die cutters, engraving machine, and other hands-on equipment.

  6. Knox Adaptive Technology Center

    An accessible computing site that provides specialized hardware and software, including voice recognition technology.

  7. Perlstein Editing Room

    Equipment for audio and video production and post-production, game design, 3D and graphic design, data visualization, animation, and more.

  8. Shapiro Lobby Information Services Desk

    Manage your account, check out special equipment, and more.

  9. Sweetland Peer Writing Center

    Get writing help from fellow students in a consulting space at the library.

  10. Winberg Audio Production Room

    Professional space to produce and edit audio and record music.

Study spaces

  1. Bert's Study Lounge

    A café-like atmosphere with mixed seating, ideal for group meetings.

  2. Shapiro Basement Spaces

    Movable tables and chairs in an open space.

  3. Shapiro Floor 1 Spaces

    A large open area with a variety of seating options and tables. This is a Collaborative Zone.

  4. Shapiro Floor 2 Spaces

    More talkative study areas, especially in the evenings.

  5. Shapiro Floor 4

    This floor of Shapiro is quieter, with windowed nooks and tables among the book stacks.