Textbooks and Course Materials

Need help finding affordable textbooks and other assigned course materials? You might be able to access what you need at no cost through the library.

Check your syllabus or Canvas to find more details on what's required.

Use Library Search to find books and articles

  • Use Library Catalog Search to look for a required book by title, author, or ISBN. We often have multiple editions of course-related books available in print and online formats.

  • Use Library Articles Search to find scholarly journal and newspaper articles, book chapters, and other content.

If you’re looking for supplemental reading or want to discover similar titles, check out databases such as AccessMedicine, Project Muse, and the Springer English/International eBook Collection. They let you to browse online books by subject area.

Find materials on course reserve

Instructors sometimes put required books, coursepacks, and other items on course reserve.

These physical items are intended for the whole class to access, so they're available to you for short-term checkout.

To see if your class has materials on reserve:

  1. Check for Library Tools in your Canvas course navigation.
  2. If your instructor has enabled it, you’ll see items on reserve.
  3. There may also be links in your syllabus or elsewhere in your Canvas course.

Materials are put on reserve by instructor request. There may not be any for your course.

Are you an engineering student? Find out which required and supplemental engineering textbooks are currently available online.

Borrowing and returning items on reserve

There are 5 course reserve checkout locations across campus. Be sure to note the one your instructor chose. 

You must return a course reserve item to the same desk you checked it out from. 

Request materials from another library 

If we don’t have the exact item you need, we might be able to get it for you through interlibrary loan

We’ll borrow it from another library and have it ready for you to pick up at no cost to you. 

Ask a specialist for help

We can help you locate materials, identify copies with unlimited access, and more. Find your specialist.