Design and Discovery

Who we are

What we do

We develop strategies for and manage implementation of tools and services to support finding, using, and sharing information and services. 

We create and manage the library website, Library Search, intranet, microsites, blogs, and MGet It. We work closely with library staff to manage the interfaces for the library's online exhibits and data, document, and image repositories.

We apply a user-centered approach across all our work, including  through our UX strategy, user research, interface and interaction design, and web content strategy. 

We support the content management, content access, and user interface needs of library users, and we develop, customize, and manage both open-source and licensed applications for the library. We create user interface architecture and supporting frameworks for use across library applications.

Finally, we provide expertise, evaluation, and guidance around web accessibility and work to ensure that the products and services we produce are inclusive and valuable for everyone.

What we're working on

We recently launched our new library website, are making improvements to Library Search, and are updating numerous other system interfaces to reflect the new designs and components in our Design System

We are improving the way the library is integrated within Canvas so that faculty and instructors’ are better able to incorporate the library into their online courses. 

We are also consulting and providing user research, usability testing, design, web accessibility expertise, and front-end development for other large initiatives within the library, including Deep Blue Docs, Deep Blue Data, and Digital Collections.