Library Credit Courses

Are you working on an in-depth research project that might benefit from new methods and strategies? Want to learn how to clearly illustrate complex data in your work, or sort fact from fiction in the news?  

We offer popular university courses in:

  • digital research
  • data visualization
  • media analysis
  • advanced library research

Our courses are taught by librarians with expertise in these topics, and include practical activities designed to add value to your existing research or educational goals.  

How to register

These library courses are available at different times throughout the year. Search the LSA Course Guide to find out what’s open, and register in Wolverine Access.

Courses we offer

ALA 105: Digital Research: Critical Concepts and Strategies 
Learn how to find the best sources for your projects with online search strategies, research tips, and critical evaluation techniques. (1 credit, every semester)

ALA 270.015: Fake News, Lies, and Misinformation: How to Sort Fact from Fiction
Develop critical thinking skills and create a personal strategy for fact-checking and evaluating the news. (1 credit, every semester)

ALA 470: Advanced Library Research
Develop advanced research strategies and an understanding of the research process while working on an extended project of your choice. (1 credit, varying semesters)

ALA 470: Data Visualization
Explore data visualization as a technical skill and cultural phenomenon and learn how to create visualizations, as well as critically understand what they do in society. (3 credits, winter semester)

Specific questions about library courses? Please contact Doreen Bradley at