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Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists

v. 50 (2013)

  • Claytor, W. Graham, University of Michigan, "Penthemeros Certificates from the Granary C123, Karanis", p.49-75.
  • Ulluccim, Daniel, Rhodes College, Memphis, "A Loan of Wheat", p. 129-134 (P.Mich. 1354).
  • Helms, Kyle, University of Cincinnati, "Guarding Grapes in Roman Egypt (P.Mich. inv. 438)", p.135-143.
  • Sampson, C. Michael, Univesity of Manitoba, "The Mysterion of P.Mich. inv. 4061", p. 145-152.
  • McConnell, Ryan E., College of William and Mary, "P.Corn. inv. 127: Letter Seeking Capture and Rendition of Runaway ταρσικάριοι", p. 153-164.
  • Sampson, C. Michael, Univesity of Manitoba, "Receipt from Alexandros to Anoubion", p. 165-169 (P.Mich. inv. 3306).

v.49 (2012)

  • Litinas, NikosUniversity of Crete, and Stephen M. BayBrigham Young University"An Addition and Multiplication Table", p. 15-19 (P.Mich. inv. 4435a). 
  • Eckerman, ChrisUniversity of Oregon, "A Temple Declaration from Early Roman Egypt", p. 55-62 (P.Mich. inv. 132). 
  • Leon, Daniel W., Colorado College, "An Epikrisis Document from Oxyrhynchus (P.Mich. inv. 261)", p. 95-108.
  • Terpstra, Taco, Northwestern University, "A Third-Century CE List of Wine from Five Estates", p. 109-118 (P.Mich. inv. 4183).
  • Heilporn, Paul, Université de Strasbourg, "Des nouvelles de Paniskos", p. 119-138 (P.Mich. 1371).
  • Keenan, James G., University of Chicago, "Receipt for embole from Aphrodito", p. 147-150 (P.Mich. 3272).
  • Worp, K.A., Leiden University, "Freight Charges in SB 18.13948", p. 297-300 (P.Mich. inv. 3781).

Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik

v. 186 (2013)

  • CLARYSSE, W., O.Mich. invs. 9518 and 4008: Two Ptolemaic Ostraca from the Michigan Collection Revisited. 186 (2013) 244–246.

  • JONES, B. C., P.Mich. inv. 547: A New Coptic Fragment of 2 Samuel 10:13–14, 17–18: McGill MS NO Coptic 2. 184 (2013) 126–130

v. 184 (2013)

  • McLAUGHLIN, J. J., P.Mich. inv. 4349: Fragment of a Letter Mentioning a Church and an Apostle. 184 (2013) 274–279


Borges, Cassandra and C. Michael Sampson, New Literary Papyri from the Michigan Collection, Ann Arbor, Mich. : University of Michigan Press, 2012.

Wilfong, T.G., Life, death and afterlife in ancient Egypt : the Djehutymose coffin in the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, Ann Arbor, Mich. : Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, 2013. 

Wilfong, T.G., Death dogs : the jackal gods of ancient Egypt. Ann Arbor, Mich. : Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, 2015.



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