Single Manuscripts

Acheff, Daniel (notes by Agnes Inglis on the Acheff/Downer criminal syndicalism cases of 1919)

Alavi, Hamza ("Los Campesinos y La Revolución")

All America Technology Society (1932)

American Youth Congress (5 handwritten pages)

Amery, Al (“Something More”) Autobiography, 151 pp.

Anderson, Carlotta (various Joseph Labadie biographical essays).

Anonymous. ("Cointelpro Cruelties and Other Crimes") 51pp.

Anonymous. Untitled. About Auto Workers’ Strikes, Michigan 1930s.  36pp.

Anonymous (“Un Moscovite – Second Polish Revolt of the 1860s", 1867 156pp.

Athearn, Leigh ("Unemployment Relief in Labor Disputes", 1939) 40pp.

Auto Strikes (Detroit, 1933; Toledo, 1935; Racine, 1919)

Avrich, Paul (Notes on Dyer D. Lum and Voltairine de Cleyre)

Babenko, Andrew (gift of Russian anarchist books to the Labadie Colleciton)

Bachmann, Maurice (“Among Modern Pariahs”– Chap. 1-6)

Bachmann, Maurice (“Among Modern Pariahs”– Chap. 7-11)

Bachmann, Maurice (“Among Modern Pariahs”– Chap. 12-15)

Badcock, John ("Slaves to Duty" excerpt from a lecture delivered in 1894, typed by Laurance Labadie)

Bailen, Albert ("Story of My Exile" (ca. 1921) a confession of Red Scare era FBI informer Albert Balanow) 68 pp. 

Bailey, Forest (“A leave of absence” short story) 41pp.

Barb, John M. ("Raymond Robins") 2pp.

Barnes, Carroll Jenile ("A Theoretical Construct with Preliminary Findings in a Case Study of Male Transsexualism") 10pp.

Barnett, Eugene ("Centralia") 21 pp. ("Eugene Barnett Speaks on Centralia, Washington, Armistice Day 1919") 38 pp.

Beal, Fred (1946)

Beit-Hallahmi, Benjamin ("Israel and South Africa 1977-1981: Business as Usual, and More") 18pp.

Bell, T.H. (on Clarence L. Swartz) 1p.

Berliner, Eve (on Dennis P. Carey, 1938-1990--includes photographs)

Berwig, Paul ("Gedanken eines Anarchisten") 5pp.

Bestor, Arthur E. ("Bibliography of the Alphadelphia Association, A Fourierist Phalanx"), 1938. 16pp.

Biles, Roger ("Ed Crump versus the Unions: The Labor Movement in Memphis During the 1930s") 26pp.

Bilgram, Hugo ("Involuntary Idleness") 25pp; Excerpt from "The Remedy for Overporduction and Unemployment" 5pp. Typed by Laurance Labadie

Blanque, Adolphe Jerome (“Cours d’Economie Industrielle” draft and more, 1830-1840) 68pp.

Blumberg, Adele (“The Problem of the Conscientious Objector”) 7pp.

Bobspa, D. ("The Meek" poem) 1p.

Bockman, Philip (“Stonewall 25: after a quarter of a century can we say the words?) 25pp.

Bohn, William E. ("Who is this Joe?" poem, 1910. 1p.

Bouise, Oscar A. ("The Rise and Development of the Proletarian Criticism in the United States", 1948). 7pp. 

Bowen, Stirling (poems: cartoon from the French Revolution, 1937)

Bradley, Jeanette ("The Bisexual Movement in the United States: A Short History", 1933). 

Bradshaw, James Stanford (“George Henry Evans, Working Man's Advocate, 1805-1856”) 47 pp.

Breakstone, Eliz (“From Fag Rags to Leaping Lesbians: Preserving the History of the Queer Community in the Labadie Collection”, 2000). 26 pp.

Brennan, T. Casey ("Unauthorized Conjurella", 2000). 12 pp.

Brissenden, Paul.  ("Justice and the Wobblies) 13 pp.

Brite, Mary D. (unpublished typescript on World War 1 prosecutions in 3 folders)

Brown, J.L. (“Technocracy and the I.W.W.”, 1933. 14 pp. Original and photocopy.

Buchele, Luther (letters, 1960s)

Bugan, Ion (Newspaper articles, documents, photographs re: his crime and prison sentence in Romania, 1980s)

Bush, Charles C. (“The Green Corn Rebellion”, 1932). 71 pp.

Cabet, Etienne (collection of manuscript fragments, drafts for a biography of Cabet by Henry Carle)

Cabinet du prefet de Police (“Publications Republicaines” 1840) 6pp.

Carpenter, Millie W.("To My Friend Jay Chaapel--70 years!") 1 p.

Chase, Eric ("The Creation of a Radical Labor Culture: The Impact of Creativity in Industrial Rebellion by the Industrial Workers of the World") 34 pp.

Chester, Eric ("The Cuban Ecomomy") 10 pp. ("The Cuban Economy: A Discussion Paper") 7 pp.

Civic Club – New York  (“Political Prisoners Relief”, 1924). 5 pp.

Clark, Amy Sarah  (“A Place to Show Their Strength: Women’s Experiences in Student Housing Co-ops at the UM, 1940-60”, 1994) 16 pp.

Clark, Amy Sarah  (“Unearthing Women’s Political Activity in the 1920s”) 7pp.

Clark, Carolyn L.  (“A Guide to the Labadie Collection”, 1976). 21pp.

Cohen, Henry  (“Clarence Lee Swartz”, obituary) 3 pp.

Cohen, Joseph N.(1929-1930). 6 pp.

Coleman, Hubert A. (“The Significance of the Textile Strikers at Elizabethton, Tenn. and Gastonia, NC.”)  30pp.

Colman, Sam (documents about his plays)

Common, Thomas ("Manifolded Correspondence Discussion", 1900)

Commons, John R, University of Wisconsin ("Arbitration versus Negotiaion:) 8 pp.

Cook, C.V. (various writing)

Council of Trades and Labor Unions - Detroit (Quarterly Reports 1897-99) 40pp.

Cousens, Leon A. ("The History of the American Labor Movement" outlines for lessons 1-5); ("A Century of Michigan Labor", 1938) 7 pp.

Coyne, Thomas E. (“Jo Labadie: A Study in Radical Thinking”, 1956) 54pp. 2 copies.

Daniel, Evan.  (“Rolling for the Revolution: Cuban Cigar Makers in Havana, NYC, and South Florida, 1850s-1890s”, 2005) 37 pp. 

David, Henry (John Altgeld obituary, March 13, 1902) 2 pp.

Davis, Mike (“My Sexual Autobiography”, handwritten) 47 pp.

De Laforcade, Geoffroy (“Anarchist Essayists, Organized Labor, and the National Question: Addressing the ‘Indigenous’ and the ‘Foreign’ in Early Twentieth Century Argentina, Brazil and Peru”) 14 pp.

Deats, Carlton C. ("Collective Bargaining in Steel", 1949) 550 pp.

Detroit Council of Labor Youth Groups (1932) 4pp.

Detroit Housing Commission ("Redevelopment Proposal for the South Gratiot [Detroit] Area") 1947? 4pps.

Devall, Bill (various articles on environmental issues)

Diament, Ann Lewin (on Anna [Annie] Mindlin Livshis, Jewish feminist anarchist, trade unionst, homesteader, 1994)

Diggers [San Francisco]. Attributed to Emmett Grogan. [1967] 2pp.

Dodson, Chuck (“The Imaginator”; “A Matter of Good Chance”, 1990)

Doebler, Gary ("Life of an Anarchist: A Book Review) 9pp."Tony' Revealed", 2007) 3 pp. 

Dolgoff, Esther (Philadelphia Anarchist History – transcript from talk, ca. 1979)

Dolgoff, Sam  (“Anarchist Organizational Concepts”) 8 pp.

Dorsey, David F. (“Reflections from Tanzania, 1991-92”) 34 pp.

Dorsey, Ruth ("Labor Journalism in Detroit, 1880-1890") 45 pp.

Downing, Charles ("Manifold Correspondece Discussion," handwritten) 4 pp. 

Drews, Christina C. (“Modern Times, Long Island: A Social Experiment of the 1850s”, 1973) 26 pp.

Eguchi, Kan ("Memoire sur la situation politique japonaise, 1967-73") 11 pp.

Elliott, Bruce (“Variety Photoplays”) 7 pp.

Federacion Anarquista Iberica

Federated Textile Union of America

Felicani, Aldino (Typescript of taped interview of his recollections of executions and funeral of Sacco and Vanzetti, 1967) 8 pp. Also includes handwritten transcript and 4-page typescript titled, "Weighed in the Balance" about the jury selection in the trial of Sacco and Vanzetti.

Ferrell, Jeff. ("The Song the Capitalist Never Sings: The Brotherhood of Timber Workers and the Culture of Conflict") 11pp.

Fikse, Geraldine ("The Co-operative Movement: A Study Based Largely on Materials Found in the Labadie Collection") 22pp.

Fisk, Milton ("Classes and Values") 18pp.

First Unity Textile Conference

Fontanieu, Raphael

Ford, Charita M. (“Flowering a Feminist Garden: The Writings and Poetry of Anne Spencer”) 16pp.

Foscue, A.W. (“Llano Colony: a Cooperative Corporation”) 15 pp.

Frank, Oscar (receipt book for union dues, 1885-1888).

Fuller, L. Hulbert

Fullerton, W. Morton

Gallagher, Mary (2 folders)

Gallagher, Mary (“The Long Years Passing”) Play

Gallagher, Mary E. (“Letters From Prisoners – IWW”)

Gamson, William A. (Investigative Reports from U.S. and Michigan government agencies (1965-1968), and materials related to the 1965   U-M Teach-In

Gellaty, James R.  (“Five Dollars for Eight Hours”)

Globe Radiator Co.

Goldberg, Louis (“Notes on the power of images”) 8pp.

Goldstein, Arthur – (“The Pinkertons as Union-Busters”) 8pp.

Goldstein, Robert Justin - ("The Attorney General's List of Subversive Organizations") 18pp.

Gould, Rand W. ("A Prisoner's Perspective on Work, Marxism, Civilization and Revolution") 2pp.

Gorz, Andre ("Capitalist Relations of Production and the Socially Necessary Labour Force") 10pp.

Gross, Jesse

Grossman, Luanne  (“A Look at the Life of Agnes Inglis”) 117pp.

Grossman, Rudolph

Guerrero, Praxedis G.  (“Blow!”)

Hale, Jeff A. (The White Panthers: 'Total Assualt on the Culture'")  46pp.

Hall, Covington

Hansen, Jodi  (“Opening the Doors”, about Blacks and labor unions in the 19th and early 20th centuries)

Harlan County, Kentucky (2 folders)

Harris, Mark G. (text of speech to a labor group, ca. 1890s)

Hartung, Urban

Hartzsch, Karl

Havel, Hippolyte ("Ersatz Anarchists") 4pp. handwritten

Hays, Meghan (“The Abe and Selma Bluestein Papers: Case-Study of a Collection”)

Hendrie, Mrs. George

Hennacy, Ammon & Sharon

Hennacy, Ammon (materials donated by Gale and Virginia Kramer)

Herman, Gordon Lee

Herod, James. ("Getting Free: A Sketch of an Association of Democratic, Autonomous Neighborhoods and How to Create It") 25pp.

Herrmann, Otto

Hersch, Robert  (“Versions of Spain: Reporting the Civil War 1936-39”) 19pp.

Hicks, Clark B.

Hillhouse, Raelynn J. – (“Out of the Closet Behind the Wall: the rise of a lesbian and gay movement in Easter Europe”) Restricted

Hobbitt, Roger S. (“The Role of the Radical GI Worker”)

Holland, Allen A. (“The Negro and the IWW”)

Horowitz, Linda D., Diana Koval, Catherine Palczewski. (“Anarchist Women and the Feminine Ideal: Sex, Class, and Style in the Rhetoric of Voltairine de Cleyre, Emma Goldman, and Lucy Parsons”) 87pp.

Hoyt, A.D. ("The International Anarchist Archives: A report on conditions and a proposal for action") 25pp.

Hugg, Lawrence (“The Detroit Medical Center”)

Hunt, Richard P. ("The First Labor Day") 22pp.

Hunter, John H. (“Gerald L.K. Smith for U.S. Senator”) 29pp.

Inglis, Agnes C. (niece of Agnes A. Inglis)

International Labor Defense

International Miners of Europe

IWW – Bisbee

IWW - Digest of California Criminal Synidicalism Cases (1926) 80pp.

IWW – Carey (Unpublished play, "Solidarity Forever")

IWW – Hawaii

IWW – New Jersey

IWW – Ohio

IWW – Prosecutions – Michigan – Detroit (Speech by John Pancner, 11/30/1919) 8pp.

IWW – Washington

IWW Songs

Jackson, Gilbert E. (“1848-1948 – How should we celebrate the first hundred years of communism?”)  24pp.

Jacobs, Arthur

Jacobs, Carolyn ("Friends & Allies Papers: Martha Strickland Clark/Reformers and Liberal Thinkers: The Men in Strickland's Life") 21pp.

James, C.L. – ("English Anarchist Press in America") (pp 22-25 missing)

John, Arthur (Lab MSS from SVF)

Johnson, Nicholas (“The Labadie’s Gay Liberation Collection”) 15pp.

Jones, Ermil

Kaplow, Julian

Kashat, Donna M. (“Sexual Deviants in Southeast Asia”)

Kaspar, J.J.

Kennedy, Stetson ("Forced Labor in the United States of America") 53pp.

Keracher, John

Kerber, Gerry – (“Eyes Right”;  play)

Kerber, Gerry – (“Northbound to Durantville”; play)

Kisken, Robert J.

Klein, Gary M. (“Helping Students Find Sensitive Materials: A Guide to the Literature on Homosexuality for Librarians and Faculty”)

Knights of Labor – Powderly, Terrance V.

Kowal, Donna Marie (see Horowitz, Linda D.)

Kramer, Aaron – (“Emma Lazarus: Her Life and Work” Master’s Thesis) (122 pp.)

Krzycki, Leo (“Address to the Workers of Local No. 7 [UAW], August 20, 1939”) 9 pp.

La Botz, Dan.  (‘The IWW and its Impact on the Mexican Revolution”)  31 pp.

Labadie Files

Labadie, Joseph – Anderson Carlotta (“Looking Back into Labadie History”)

Labadie, Laurance – Biography – See Ward, Fritz, R in MSS VF

Labadie, Laurance – Anarchism – Bibliography

Labadie, Laurance – Tucker, Benjamin (Obituary written for L’Adunata)

Labor – US – Communist/Involvement

Labor Day Pledges

Labor Injunctions

Labor Press

Labor Research Association (questionairre alnalyses of hunger marchers, 1932)

Labor Spies #1

Labor Spies #2

Labor Spies #3

League For Mutual Aid

Leary, Timothy ("Helping the Helpless" and "Thinking, Talking and Doing") with Kinne, Sara ("A Content Analysis of Subjective Reactions to an Experience with Psilosybin for Normal Subjects" and "The Harvard Research on Psilosybin")

League of Humanity

Lee, Paul  (“Lynch Law in All Its Phases: The Political Awakening of Ida B. Wells”) 13pp.

Leland, Samuel Phelps

Leonard, Diana ("Is Feminism More Complex Than the W.L.M. Realises?") 9pp.

Lerner, Michael ("The Anarchists of New York City Between the Wars", 1988) 48pp. 

Levine, Bruce ("Cuba: Whose State?") 12pp./9pp.

Levine, Jack ("A Pacifica Radio Documentary" re: Hoover and the Red Scare) 59pp.

Liberator Publishing Company (1918) - Documents concerning financial matters

Libertarian Connection

Lincoln, A. – Davis, J. – Apocryphal Correspondence

Linebaugh, Riley - ("The Practices of a Radical Archivist: Agnes Inglis, the Labadie Collection and its Import", 2013) (110 pp.)

Lingg, Louis – Haymarket Suicide (“To A Trodden Pansy”)

Little, Frank

London, Joan - ("So Shall Ye Reap")

Loomis, Hulda L. Potter

Lorwin, Val. R.  ("The Comparative History of Mutual Benefit Societies: Some Queries and Suggestions")

Lovejoy, Elijah P.

Mack, J.W.

MacKay, Alexander ("A Tribute to My Friend John Keracher" and "A Bobtailed Account of Sedley Taylor and His Work")

Macy, Joanna Rogers (“Despair-Work”)

Madison, Charles A.

Malatesta, Errico

Manis, Rod. ("The Chicago and Austrian Schools: Similarities and Differences") 3pp.

Maritime Federation of the Pacific (Meeting notes and reports, 1937)

Markovic, Mihailo – (“Marxist Humanism, and Ethics”)

Martin, James J. – Individualist Anarchism – Introduction

Martin, James J. – Individualist Anarchism – Chapter 1

Martin, James J. – Individualist Anarchism – Chapter 2

Martin, James J. – Individualist Anarchism – Chapter 3

Martin, James J. – Individualist Anarchism – Chapter 4

Martin, James J. – Individualist Anarchism – Chapter 5

Martin, James J. – Individualist Anarchism – Chapter 6

Martin, James J. – Individualist Anarchism – Chapter 7

Martin, James J. – Individualist Anarchism – Chapter 8

Martin, James J. – Individualist Anarchism – Chapter 9

Martin, James J. – Individualist Anarchism – Bibliography

May, George S.

McGregor, John Murray

McIitosh, Peggy ("White Privelege and Male Privelege: A Personal Account of Coming to See Correspondences Through Workin Women's Studies") 19opp.

McKillen, Elizabeth (“Hybrid Visions: Working-Class Internationalism in the Mexican Borderlands, Chicago, and Seattle, 1910-1920”) 33 pp.

Men’s Council Committee on Student Labor

Meyer, Henry J.

Michigan Federation of Labor

Miller, Joseph Dana

Miller, Mitch (notes on 1930s anarcho-syndicalism; IWW; NYC anarchist movement; needle trades, etc.)

Mindel, J. (“The Nature of the War and Problems of War Economy”) 54pp.

Mine Strikes


Missey, James  (“An Anarchist Joins the Catholic Church: Why Ammon Hennacy Became a Catholic”) 14 pp.

Montgomery, David (“Labor in Wartime: Some Lessons from History”) 20pp.

Mooney, Thomas J.

Mooney, Thomas J. (Pardon Certificate from State of California)

Morris, James O. (“The Dynamite Conspiracy at Lawrence, Mass. in 1912”)

Movimento Libertario Español

Moya, Jose C. (“Anarchism, Gender, and Drama: Working Class Theatre in Belle Epoque Buenos Aires”)

Mühsam, Erich

Muñoz Cota, José (Las Diatribas Contra Flores Magón)

Murphy, Thomas F. (July 27, 1951 address to Michigan Prosecuting Attorneys' Assoc. on the prosecution of Alger Hiss)

Musmannm, Michael (re: Sacco and Vanzetti case) 2pp.

Nash, George N.

Nathansan, William

Nettlau, Max (The Literature of Anarchism – 1914)

National Miners Union

National Textile Workers Union

Nell, James (Brotherhood of Timber Workers) 22 pp.

Nold, Carl (Articles in Freiheit by Johann Most re: assassination of Alexander II, saved by Nold for the Labadie Colleciton)

Nomad, Max

Nomad, Max – (“Anarcho-Realism… Part I”)

Novatore, Renzo ("Sritti") 73pp. in Italian

Novy Mir (photocopies of clipping from the NY Russian language newspaper)

O’Byrne, M.

Olerich, Henry

Opler, Ascher

Orr, Charles A.

Orr, Charles A. – (“Recollections of Adventures Abroad”)

Orr, Charles A. – (“The Spanish Revolution”)

Orr, Charles A. – (“Trotsky, As I Knew Him in Mexico”)

Overguard, Andy – Autobiography

Padgett, Robert

Pancner, John

Parsons, A.R.

Parsons, Howards – (“Marx’s Thought and Mental Hygiene”)

Patterson, J. Medill

Pavel, Ota (political Samizdat typescripts written in Czech, 1968)

Peirats, Jose

Pelloutier, Fernand  (“Federation des bourses du travail de France & des colonies”)

People’s Lobby

Petcoff, Peter (Palmer Raid victim)

Peters, Christopher (“Detroit’s Poor Devil: Robert Reitzel”) 43pp.

Pinkham, Harold

Pinkham, Harold – “Slow Road West”

Pittsburgh Congress of 1883

Planche, Fernand

Police Informer's Snitch Record and Life Story (Shawn Collins, 1970s)

Polishuk, Sandra - ("The Radicalization of Marie Equi", 1971) 40pp.

Politziner, B. (“The Paterson Strike of 1913”)

Proudhon, Pierre J. ("The People's Bank followed by the Report fo the Commission of Delegates of the Luxembourg") Translated by John Beverly Robinson,

Preece, Ryan (There is no place like Home: How Anarchical Principles at the Home Mutual Colony...") 40pp.

Pye, Philip.  ("Gesell's Social Reform and Theory of Interest") 12pp.

Qui Vive Club (Detroit, 1897) 2pp.

Rachleff, Peter ("A perspective on Race and Class") 19pp.(The Radical and the 'Crowd': A Conflict of World-Views") 52pp.

Railroad Unions

Reich, Jerome R. ("How Radical Were Chicago's Russian Jewish Immigrants?") 4pp.

Reilly, Joe

Reitman, Ben L.

Reitzel, Robert

Retzloff, Tim (“Detroit Mattachine”) 10 pp.

Retzloff, Tim (“Gay Liberation: When Michigan Tore Out of the Closets and Into the Street”) 15pp.

Retzloff, Tim (“Seer or Queer?”) 34 pp. Restricted

Retzloff, Tim  (“Trend Setter for the Gay Community: A History of the State Bar in Flint, Michigan”) 11pp.

Richter, H.

Rizzo, Bruno (small collection of articles and notes on conversation with Hal Draper, 1958-59)

Robinson, John Beverly ("Government") 8pp; ("Equality") 2pp. Typed by Laurance Labadie

Rochester, Anna

Rolland, Siegfried ("The Detroit Labor Press, 1839-1889", 1946) 143pp.

Rosten, Norman (“This Proud Pilgrimage” about Haymarket) 83pp.

Round Table Club

Rowlands, Helen Adelaide

Rudashi, I.

Rudiger, Helmut

Ruga, Arnold

Ryner, Han

Sacco-Vanzetti Defense Committee

Sachs, D.A. ("The Man Who Wasn't There: A Critique of the portrayal of J. William Lloyd in the Doctoral Dissertation, 'Anarchism and the Politics of Homosexuality' by Terence S. Kissack", 2007) 19pp.

Sacks, Karen  ("Class Roots of Feminism") 31 pp.

Salter, John R. Jr. (“Social Justice Community Organizing and the Necessity for Protective Firearms”) 10 pp.

Sanftleben, Alfred G.

Scannell, John J.

Schecter, Amy

Schleifer, Ernest

School of Living

Schulder, Fred

Schuster, Eunice (notes on her interview with Emma Goldman, 3/26/34)

Seipp, Fritz

Sessions, George (various articles on envrionmental issues)

Shaffer, Edward H – Labor Injunctions in the Post War Era

Shaffer, Edward H – Pragmatism in the American Labor Movement

Shaw, Alan

Shaw, Alan (“The Ghost Dancers, A Drama With Chorus”) 52pp.

Sheehan, Daniel (transcript of talk about the Karen Silkwood case) 85 pp.

Shillady, Joan

Shively, G. Louis

Shor, Francis ("The IWW and WWI: Citizenship, The State & Oppositional Politics") 29pp.

Siegel, Boaz. ("A Guide to the Teaching of Parliamentary Law: Methods of Teaching in Organizations and Classes") Workers' Education Program, Division of Education Projects, Michigan Works Progress Administration

Sikos, John (“Who Made Paine King, Anyway? Comments on a recent attempt to dismiss Thomas Paine”)

Simonowitz, Haskel ("Organization and Control of Viet Cong Mass Front Groups") 25pp.

Sinclair, John – Related MSS Donation from Fred Wacker (1989)

Socialist Labor Party

Souchy, Augustin – (draft typescript of Beware! Anarchist!) 277pp.

Sovereigns of Industry

Spencer, William – Vietnam Nationals

Spies, August

Stein, Ruth (Sunrise Cooperative Farm Community)

Stevens, James

Stewart, Joffre

Stewart, Rolland C.

Student League for Industrial Democracy

Student Workers Federation

Swanson, Carl E.

Sullivan, Michael E.

Sunshine, Spencer ("Post-1960 U.S. Anarchism and Social Theory") 140pp.

Swinton, John

Tandy, Francis D.  (“Voluntary Socialism”) 8 pp.  Bound with Warren, Josiah, “True Civilization”)

Thierry, James (Hand printed notebook on fruit culture)

Thierry, James (notebook of poems)

Thwin, Tun (various papers on Burmese political situation)

Thomas, Joan (speech about Ammon Hennacy) 19pp.

Tibbet, Ward E. (“The Grand Rapids Furniture Strike”)

Tinti, Antoinette (“Motherhood without Marriage”) 26pp.

Tobis, David (“United States’ Economic Relations with Latin America”, 1968) 23pp.

Train, George Francis

Trenev, Konstantin

Trotskyist manuscripts (Nine typescripts on the history of the Trotskyist movement in India”)

Tucker, Benjamin (“Why I Am An Anarchist”)

Underhill, Richard S.

Unemployed Council of U.S. Hunger March, 1931

Urales, Federico ("Rudolf Rocker and some aspects of Anarchism") 5pp.

Ursey, Euleta G.  (“… and the Wasp god said…”) (parody from an anarchist viewpoint)

Van Patten, Phillip

Viglielmo, Marc ("Three Central Questions for the Revolutionary Movement Today", 1992) 19pp.

Vivan, Frances L. (“Jo Labadie and the Labadie Collection of Sociological Literature”)

Wacker, Roland F. (“Radicalism in the Midst of Disillusionment: Greenwich Village Free Spirits in the Post-War Years”) 35pp.

Wallis, Hayden (“Economic Subservience”)

Ward, Fritz R. (“Laurance Labadie and the Individualist Anarchist Critique of War”) 24pp. also rev. ed. 31pp.

Warren, Josiah (“True Civilization, Chapter III”) 5pp.

Watner, Carl (“Lysander Spooner: Ireland and Proprietary Justice”) 15pp.

Weber, Edward. ("My Sexual History") 54pp.

Weinberger, Harry – (“Ricardo Flores Magon”) 3 pp.

Weir, Ronald E. (“A Study of  the Policies, Program, and Actions of United World Federalists, Inc.”) 24pp.

Weller, Myra P.

Whealey, Robert H. (“Economic Influence of the Great Powers in Spain, 1936-1939”)

Whealey, Robert H. (“The Value of the Labadie Collection to the Study of the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939”) 39pp.

Whiteman, Maxwell (“A History of the First Twenty-Five Years of the Philadelphia Fellowship Commission”) 123pp.

Williams, Nelson G. (“A Study of Two Octobers: Division and Unity of the Spanish Left”) 48pp.

Wilson, Peter Lamborn ("Anarchist Religion?") 12pp.

Wisconsin Alliance – 51pp.

Workers, Defense Union

Wright, Malcolm T. ("Merging Under Pressure: The Automobile Workers and the Independents",1946) 21pp.

Wright, Malcolm T. ("Organizers Under Pressure: Impetus for Organization in the Automobile Industry, 1934-6", 1946)  11pp.

Wright, Malcolm T. ("The 1941 Strike of the Ypsilanti Stove Workers", 1941) 11pp.

Yard, Boyd W.

Yarros, Victor

Wysocki, Sharon (photos from Banned Books as Art exhibt)

Zerzan, John (“Organized Labor versus the Revolt Against Work—The Critical Contest”)

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