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Friends and Neighbours: The Labadie Collection, Federico Arcos and Miguel Garcia (2016)

The Revolution Has Been Digitized: Explore the Oldest Archive of Radical Posters from Hyperalleric, June 2015.

A Conversation with Jai Moore

In honor of LGBT History Month, join this conversation about gay life and activism in 1950s Detroit. Jerry “Jai” Moore, the remaining officer from the Detroit Area Council of the Mattachine Society (1958-1960), shares memories of his involvement in gay activism at that time. Tim Retzloff joins the conversation and U-M professor Gayle Rubin offers some remarks.
Mattachine bravely offered a sanctuary for gay and lesbian Detroiters who sought to organize — at a time when homosexuals were arrested as criminals, institutionalized as psychopaths, and ostracized as sinners. Mattachine members paved the way for sweeping social change over the next half century.
The Detroit Mattachine records are part of the Joseph A. Labadie Collection at the University of Michigan Library. 

Renowned activist Tom Hayden's personal documents, photographs, recordings and government files reveal an inside look at virtually every flashpoint in the nation's political evolution from the mid-20th century to the present.

"Tom was there 'at the creation,' you might say, of '60s protest movements," says Howard Brick, the Louis Evans Professor of History in LSA. "Through [Hayden's] career, this collection provides evidence of how the dissent of the 1960s had a long-term effect in the social and political life of the United States."

Edward Weber article on the Labadie Collection in Labor History (1990) 

Ann Arbor Observer article about the Labadie Collection (1990)


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