DLPS Papers and Presentations

This is a selected list of papers and presentations from staff in DLPS.

Shaw, Emily Frieda; Garcia-Spitz, Cristela; Bragg, Molly; Hagedorn, Kat; Porter, Emily. "Finding the Balance: Modelling Successful Workflows for Digital Library Collections" Journal of Digital Media Management, 6:3, pp 295-311, 2018.

Hagedorn, Kat; Musolff, Meghan; Zaytsev, Angelina. "Intentional Experimentation: Technology Change at the University of Michigan Library" Digital Library Federation (DLF) Forum, October 2017.

Hagedorn, Kat. "Auditing your digital repository(ies): the U-M Library migration experience" Open Repositories 2017, June 2017.

Hagedorn, Kat; Zaytsev, Angelina. "HathiTrust Recent Quality Initiatives" Digital Library Federation (DLF) Forum, November 2016.

Bragg, Molly; Hagedorn, Kat; Garcia-Spitz, Cristela; Shaw, Emily; Porter, Emily; Smith, Kari. "Finding the Balance: a Discussion of 6 Digital Library Workflows" Digital Library Federation (DLF) Forum, November 2016.

Hagedorn, Kat. "Migrating 1st-Generation Digital Texts from Local Collections to HathiTrust" SAA 2015, August 2015.

Stuchell, Lance; Hagedorn, Kat. "The Great Migration: Moving First Generation Digital Texts to HathiTrust" Digital Preservation 2014, July 2014.

Chapman, Suzanne; Desai, Shevon; Hagedorn, Kat; Varnum, Ken; Mishra, Sonali; Piacentine, Julie. "Manually Classifying User Search Queries on an Academic Library Web SiteJournal of Web Librarianship, 7:4, pp 401-421, December 2013.

Weise, John. "What is DLPS?" MLibrary Lightning Talks, November 2013.

Burton-West, Tom. "Towards Practical Relevance Ranking for 10 Million Books" Code4Lib 2013, February 2013.

Weise, John; Powell, Chris; Hagedorn, Kat. "HathiTrust: Sharing the Care and Feeding of the ElephantDigital Library Federation (DLF) Forum, November 2012.

Burton-West, Tom. "Practical Relevance Ranking for 10 Million Books" In CLEF (Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum) 2012 Working Notes, Rome, Italy, September 17-20, 2012, ed. Pamela Forner, Jussi Karlgren, Christa Womser-Hacker and Nicola Ferro, September 2012.

Burton-West, Tom. "HathiTrust Large Scale Search: Scalability meets Usability" Code4Lib 2012, February 2012.

Burton-West, Tom. "HathiTrust Large Scale Search" Lucene Revolution 2010, October 2010.

Hagedorn, Kat; Santelli, Josh. "Google Still Not Indexing Hidden Web URLsD-Lib Magazine, July/August 2008.

Powell, Christina Kelleher. "OPAC Integration in the Era of Mass Digitization: The MBooks Experience" Library Hi Tech, 26:1, pp. 24-32, 2008.

Hagedorn, Kat; Chapman, Suzanne; Newman, David. "Enhancing Search and Browse Using Automated Clustering of Subject MetadataD-Lib Magazine, July/August 2007.

Newman, David; Hagedorn, Kat; Chemudugunta, Chaitanya; Smyth, Padhraic. "Subject metadata enrichment using statistical topic modelsProceedings of the 7th ACM/IEEE-CS Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, JCDL '07, pp. 366-375, June 2007.

Farber, Phil; Powell, Chris; Snavely, Cory. "MBooks: Google Books Online at the University of Michigan LibraryDigital Library Federation (DLF) Fall Forum, November 2006.

Foulonneau, Muriel; Cole, Timothy W.; Blair, Charles; Gorman, Peter C.; Hagedorn, Kat; Riley, Jenn. "The CIC Metadata Portal: A Collaborative Effort in the Area of Digital LibrariesScience & Technology Libraries, 26:3/4, pp. 111-135, 2006.

Farber, Phil; Pagliere, Alan; Powell, Chris; Weise, John; Willett, Perry. "Re-architecting a Digital Library System: Lessons LearnedDigital Library Federation (DLF) Fall Forum, November 2005.

Hagedorn, Kat. "Looking for Pearls of InformationResearch Information, no. 16, March/April 2005.

Shreeves, Sarah L., Habing, Thomas G., Hagedorn, Kat; Young, Jeffrey A. "Current Developments and Future Trends for the OAI Protocol for Metadata HarvestingLibrary Trends, 53:4, 576-589, 2005.

Ottaviani, Jim; Snavely, Cory. "Towards a University of Michigan Institutional Repository: A Study and Prototype Proposal" November 2003.

Halbert, Martin; Kaczmarek, Joanne; Hagedorn, Kat. "Findings from the Mellon Metadata Harvesting Initiative" In Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries, 7th European Conference Proceedings, ECDL 2003 Trondheim, Norway, August 17-22, 2003, ed. Traugott Koch and Ingeborg Torvik Sølvberg, pp. 58-69, August 2003.

Wilkin, John; Hagedorn, Kat; Burek, Mike. "Creating an Academic Hotbot: Final Report of the University of Michigan OAI Harvesting Project" January 2003.

Hagedorn, Kat. "OAIster: A 'No Dead Ends' OAI Service ProviderLibrary Hi Tech, 21:2, 170-181, 2003.

Wilkin, John Price. "Registering digitized monographs and serialsDigital Library Federation (DLF) Spring Forum, May 2001.

University of Michigan Digital Library Services. "Assessing The Costs of Conversion: Making of America IV: The American Voice 1850-1876" 2001.

MacKie-Mason, Jeffrey K.; Riveros, Juan F.; Bonn, Maria S.; Lougee, Wendy P. "A Report on the PEAK Experiment: Usage and Economic BehaviorD-Lib Magazine, July/August 1999.

Bonn, Maria S.; Lougee, Wendy P.; MacKie-Mason, Jeffrey K.; Riveros, Juan F. "A Report on the PEAK Experiment: Context and DesignD-Lib Magazine, June 1999.

Wilkin, John Price. "DLPS Security System Specifications" March 1999.

Bonn, Maria S. "Building a digital library: the stories of the making of America" In The Evolving Virtual Library II: Practical and Philosophical Perspectives, ed. Laverna M. Saunders, pp. 25-38, 1999.

Powell, Christina Kelleher. "SGML Creation and Delivery: The Humanities Text InitiativeD-Lib Magazine, July/August 1997.

Shaw, Elizabeth J.; Blumson, Sarr. "Making of America: Online Searching and Page Presentation at the University of MichiganD-Lib Magazine, July/August 1997.

Wilkin, John Price. "Just-in-time Conversion, Just-in-case Collections: Effectively leveraging rich document formats for the WWWD-Lib Magazine, May 1997.

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