Sample images from University of Michigan Library's Digital Collections.

Sample images from University of Michigan Library's Digital Collections.

Digital Content & Collections (DCC)

The Digital Content & Collections (DCC) department creates and maintains over 290 digital collections of images, texts, and more from libraries and museums across the campus and the region. The department is deeply involved in all discussions regarding the suitable, long-term preservation and appropriate access to our content, at the digital object level and at the repository level. DCC works closely with Digital Library Applications, in particular, in building and maintaining tools and services that enable preservation and access to the digital content and collections.

In addition to the digital collections we maintain, we have deep ties to Deep Blue Documents and Deep Blue Data services. These repositories contain the output of U-M’s rich intellectual community, and are regularly contributed to by faculty and researchers. In addition, we are strong contributors to the HathiTrust Digital Library, and have enabled the scanning of millions of volumes for deposit into that Library.

The Digital Conversion Unit (DCU) is a unit within DCC and offers in-house and outsourced, preservation-quality digitization services and expertise of books, maps, posters and other flat media, as well as limited audio and moving image digitization, for the University of Michigan Library. 

To propose a new digital collection, please follow the Starting a Digital Collection steps.

For feedback on any of our existing digital collections, please contact DLPS Help.

Our additional projects include: 

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Last modified: 08/14/2018