Clark Library Resources and Guides

To help with your research, below are links to resources created by Clark Library librarians and staff that are hosted in LibGuides. 

Cartography & Geography


Information on maps and mapping agencies.


Resources at the University of Michigan for research in geography.


Subject guide to finding and using geospatial data. Includes tutorials for using elevation data to make contours, and using aerial imagery layers to output imagery even more efficiently than Google Earth Pro can.

Mapping Tools

An overview of tools to help create maps of kinds.


Data & Geographic Information System (GIS)

Finding Data

Strategies and resources for finding data across the social sciences, including opinion surveys.

Learning GIS

Resources for learning GIS concepts and tools, including ESRI's ArcGIS products, and QGIS.

GIS, Map and Statistics: China

This research guide provides geospatial data, maps, and statistics resources regarding China.

GIS, Map and Statistics: Japan

This research guide provides geospatial data, maps, and statistics resources related to Japan

GIS, Map and Statistics: Korea

The research guide provides map, statistics, and GIS data resources with regard to Korea.

Qualitative Data

Help with qualitative research methods and finding qualitative data such as text. Please note that the Library does not provide support for qualitative data tools like NVivo and Atlas.ti.


Maps & Aerial Photos

Aerial Photographs and Imagery Research Guide:

A research guide to assist patrons in finding aerial photographs and aerial imagery resources.

Detroit Map Resources

Guide to finding map resources of Detroit and southeastern Michigan.

Finding Map Resources

How to find maps, atlases, and other spatial resources in the library catalog.

Mapping Tools

An overview of tools to help create maps of kinds.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

An introduction and guide to finding and using Sanborn fire insurance maps at UM and elsewhere.

Topographic Map and Bathymetric Chart Resources

This guide provides online resources for topographic maps and bathymetric charts that can be accessed digitally.

Washtenaw County Map Resources

Includes links to historical and current maps of Washtenaw County, MI, Ann Arbor, MI, and the University of Michigan.


Government Information

Canadian Government Information

This library guide provides information related to Canadian executive, legislative, and judicial branches as well as statistics, census, and geospatial data of Canada.


Use for researching Congress or finding Congressional documents like bills. laws, legislation, serial set, debate, Congressional Record, CRS reports, primary source documents, hearings, prints, reports and policy.


This guide will help with finding constitutions and information on the structure of government for the United States and foreign countries to help support comparative political science research.


Research procedure for identifying books, journal and newspaper articles, campaign finances, campaign ads, political advertising, public opinion polls, and election data.

European Union

Collection of resources and information regarding the European Union and the countries within and affected by it.

Finding Statistics and Data

Find data produced by governments on a wide variety of topics including data on local communities, other countries, criminal justice, incarceration and jails.


The Graduate Library law collection is primarily a collection about law and how it relates to society. The Law Library has a more comprehensive collection.

Non-Governmental Organizations

A guide to resources covering NGO-generated information, including websites, publications, and other resources.

Policy Research Guide

Sources for researching a policy or policies, bills, laws or court cases for the U.S. and states.

Poverty Solutions

Resources for researching poverty solutions and policies.

Public Policy

This subject guide provides a starting point for research in public policy.

State and Local Government Information

Help on seeking government information at the state, county and city level.

U.S. Census and Demographic Information

A general guide to understanding and finding demographic data produced by the U.S. Census Bureau.

United Kingdom Government Resources

Resources for locating information pertaining to the UK Parliament, its devolved governments, and other applicable resources including parliamentary papers and command papers

United Nations

Guide to finding United Nations information online and in the Government Documents Center.

United States Foreign Relations

Sources for researching relations between United States of America and other countries.

United States Government Information

Provides primary source information, documents, reports or publications produced by the legislative, executive and judicial branches of US federal government.

United States Military

Resources and statistics on the United States Military.

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Last modified: 12/12/2019