Nuovo Pianta di Roma

By: Giambattista Nolli
Published: 1748

The plan remains a model for urban mapping, and carries many innovations in representation. If assembled, the 12 map sheets would measure 176 by 208 cm (about 6 by 7 feet). The last two folios in the plan are Nolli’s re-engraving of Leonardo Bufalini’s map of Rome, 1551, and a single-sheet reduction of the Pianta designed by his son Carlo Nolli and the artist Giovanni Piranesi.

The plan is the most important among the collection of large-scale city maps of the 18th century held by the University.  Plans of London (1746 & 1761), Paris (1739 & 1791) and St. Petersburg (1753) are the other most significant, and all reveal more accurate techniques in surveying, engraving and printing.

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Last modified: 04/10/2012