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The Clark Library is located on the second floor of the Hatcher Graduate Library's South building, and includes:

• A presentation space that accommodates instruction

• Display space for physical and digital collections

• Large screen digital displays, along with dual-screen computers and accessibility for laptops, in collaborative group spaces and individual workstations throughout the library

• High-resolution scanning capabilities to allow for the creation of a digital copy of a map for a user to work with either online or via a print-on-demand real-size copy

• An ongoing program of preemptive digitization of maps from the collection for preservation

• Flexible and movable furniture to allow for studying, research and collaboration, with the capability of small group or auditorium-style seating for special events

• Storage capacity onsite for researchers to hold maps on which they are working in a secure place for the length of their project


The units that came together to form the Clark Library have a rich history. For a general history of the University of Michigan's library system, see this page.

The Map Collection history is described below:

early 1860's The University of Michigan General Library begins to collect cartographic materials.


1904 Around this time, the General Library begins to consider its cartographic materials as a separate reference collection, and creates a dedicated space on the 3rd floor called the 'Map Room'. The first accession book (containing a chronological list of acquisitions) of cartographic materials is begun.


1922 Acquisition of the Vignaud collection
1923 Acquisition of the Hubbard collection
1970 Construction of the General Library's South Building is completed, and the cartographic collection is moved to a dedicated space on its 8th floor called the 'Map Library'. Soon after the General Library's name is changed to the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library.


2006 Acquisition of the Clinton collection
fall 2011 Opening of the Stephen S. Clark Library for Maps, Government Information & Data Services, which houses the Map Collection, Spatial & Numeric Data Services (SAND), and the Government Information Center. It will be located on the 2nd floor of the Hatcher Graduate Library's South Building.


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Last modified: 02/11/2016