Fines, Charges, Recalls

Overdue fines are charged for selected special format and high-use materials that are returned late. This policy is intended to encourage users to return materials on time so they are available for all users who need them.

Fine Rates for Overdue Materials:

All fines accumulate regardless of whether the library is open or closed.

How to Pay

You can pay your fines online through your library account — all major credit cards are accepted. In-person payments made with MasterCard or Visa are accepted at the Hatcher Graduate Library, the Shapiro Undergraduate Library, and the Art Architecture and Engineering Library 

Long Overdue Materials

Borrowing privileges will be suspended if materials are kept for 30 days or more beyond their due date, or if a recalled item is one or more days overdue. Privileges will be restored when the overdue items have been returned.

Long overdue materials on student accounts will result in a financial hold, which will block students from registering for classes or receiving transcripts. The financial hold will be released when overdue items are returned and a $10 handling fee per item is paid, or when replacement costs are paid for lost materials. The financial hold can be removed by the information services department at the Hatcher Graduate Library.


Recalls occur when another patron requests an item that you have checked out. When a book is recalled, you will receive a recall notice via email that explains the recall and lists the new Recall Due Date.

Please return recalled books by the new due date directly to a library information services desk or to the outside drop box if the library is closed. 

If the item is not returned by the new due date, your borrowing privileges will be suspended and you will be charged a fine of $2 per day, per item.

Lost Materials

If you have misplaced or lost library materials, please contact the library that owns the item in question. Fines for lost materials include the replacement costs of the item plus a processing fee of $50. 


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Last modified: 08/27/2018