Library Information Technology

Who we are

What we do

We solve complex technology problems and develop solutions to add value to the library services and users at scale. Through the effective and thoughtful application of technology, Library Information Technology (LIT) advances the library’s innovative and user-centered approach and its vital contribution towards the success of U-M students, faculty, and researchers. We are the library's strategic information technology partner.

How we do our work

In LIT, we:

  • stay open, flexible, and receptive to changes;
  • draw from one another’s diverse and distinct perspectives, knowledge, and skills to build our strengths and create our successes;
  • plan small, act with speed and priority, and complete and iterate frequently to realize our ambitious goals;
  • learn and experiment on an ongoing basis to improve, innovate, and excel;
  • collaborate and communicate with respect, curiosity, and thoughtfulness;
  • and ground our work on the equal and strong partnership of a technology team, a service team, and a stakeholders group(s).

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We design, develop, manage, and maintain a flexible and reliable technology environment in support of the library’s mission. Learn more about what we do and what we are working on by exploring the descriptions of our five departments.