Hatcher Long-term Research Carrels

Semester-long carrel reservations are available for U-M graduate students and faculty.

To reserve a carrel, visit the Hatcher North information services desk.

Sharing space

If you reserve a carrel for a semester, you’ll be sharing it with two other people who have access at different times than you. These designated times of use are:

  • Morning (8 am to 1 pm, not available on Sundays)
  • Afternoon (1 pm to 6 pm)
  • Evening (6pm to 9pm, Sunday through Thursday only)

Each carrel has three shelves, one for each person. You should only use your assigned shelf and keep the carrel neat and orderly. 


If you have a carrel assigned for a semester, you’ll be notified about your renewal options by email near the end of your reservation. If you choose not to renew, you must return your key by the end of the semester. 


Because of the high demand for carrels, please contact the Hatcher North information services desk if you no longer need your semester carrel reservation. 

See our carrel guidelines for information about keys, maintenance, and security.