Undergraduate Research Award Information For Faculty

Faculty Letter of Support

Faculty must submit letters of recommendation in support of student projects. References will receive an email message from submittance.com when the students submits his/her application. The email will include a link to upload the reference letter.  

Faculty letters of support are due May 5, 2017.

The review panel is especially interested in how the student’s use of library materials, whether print, online or both, contributed to making the project comprehensive, original, or unique.

Your letter of support should address the following:

1. How students in your class, or in your discipline, learn how to conduct library research. To what extent did this student master those skills?

2. The relevance of the student’s project to your course learning goals.

3. Whether the sources used were appropriate for the scope of the argument and its method.

4. Whether the methods of research and argumentation were consistent with disciplinary standards.

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