Undergraduate Research Award FAQ

1. What can be considered "Library Research"?

Library research can take different forms: a substantial literature search, using skills learned during library workshops, or personal consultations with a librarian or archivist; but all of those elements don’t necessarily have to be present. For example, if a student worked closely with an archivist but did not do a long lit search, he or she can still be a good candidate for the award, as long as the personal essay describing his/her research process and the bibliography clearly articulate the in-depth nature of the library/archival research component of the project.

2. Who are the evaluators?

The review committee is composed of a team of librarians from across the library. They will review the applications and select the winners in each of the two contest categories.

3. May I submit multiple projects for the award?

Yes, you may submit multiple projects, but only one of your projects could win an award per year.

4. Is there any limit on the length of the research paper/project submitted for the award?

There is no length requirement. However, the research paper or project should be substantial.

5. Can UROP papers, posters, or projects be submitted?

Yes! UROP students who are working on a research project (even if initiated by faculty) are welcome and encouraged to participate as long as the outcome of the student's research is an independent project or paper. 

6.  What are the eligible dates for papers or projects competing for the 2017 awards?

Papers or projects completed during the Spring/summer 2016, Fall 2016 or Winter 2017 will be accepted. 

7. What kinds of projects are eligible for the Global Awards?

The Global Award in each of the categories (Maize and Blue) will be awarded to a project with a signifcant global component. Projects submitted for the Global Award might include research done while studying abroad, projects related to international cultures or topics, or projects written in a language other than English.   
8. Is a group eligible to win the award?
Yes, for group submissions, two or more members of the group must submit essays that identify their contribution and participation in the group project.
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