Copyright Services

Get answers on copyright and fair use through our consultations, workshops and presentations, online resources, and more.

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  1. Connect with Copyright Services

    Make an appointment, email us, attend a workshop, and get other help.

  2. Copyright and Teaching

    Find resources and guidance for considering copyright concerns when selecting course materials.

  3. Copyright Advocacy

    View our public statements on copyright as it relates to scholarship, research, the library, and the university.

  4. Copyright Guides

    Learn about copyright, fair use, Creative Commons, open access, scholarly publishing, and obtaining permission.

  5. Copies Made by Libraries and Archives

    Request copies from the library as permitted by copyright law for uses such as teaching, scholarship, and research.

  6. Copyright Forms

    Find useful forms and templates including gift agreements, release forms, addendas, and more.

Use guides

  1. Copyright Basics

    Information about U.S. copyright law, including rights of users, permission, and the public domain.

  2. Learn about copyright concepts and considerations through our scenarios.

  3. Illustrates the "substantial similarity" doctrine from U.S. copyright law, using a set of case summaries.

  4. Resource for faculty, staff, and students to learn where to find content they can easily use, remix, and share without worrying about copyright restrictions.

  5. Information about Creative Commons licenses, which allow you to share, reuse, and remix images, video, music, and other content.

  6. Explains how to find copyright holders and get permission to use different copyrighted works.

  7. Answers to common questions about copyright and course websites, including when and how materials can be posted on Canvas.

  8. When and how copyright affects use of videos in classrooms.

  9. Answers to common copyright questions that come up when working on a dissertation, including using others' content and publishing.

  10. Information about journals, books, and open access for authors looking to publish scholarly works.

  11. What open access is, a list of APC discounts, answers to frequently asked questions, and information about how to make your work open access.

Access forms

  1. Author’s Addenda

    Addenda you can use when signing publishing agreements for articles and books.

  2. Contract Request Letter

    Template letter for requesting a copy of your publishing agreement from your publisher.

  3. Copyright and Oral History Interviews

    Best practices and sample release forms for conducting oral history interviews.

  4. Gift Agreements

    Forms for U-M affiliates to use when working with donors.

  5. Licensing Form

    For copyright holders to document that they’ve licensed a work under Creative Commons.

  6. Rights Reversion

    Form for requesting your copyright back in order to increase access to your scholarship.

  7. Syllabus Statement

    Statement for instructors to include on their syllabi to inform their students about copyright and academic integrity.


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