Recent Award Winners

Here are the 2020-2021 Undergraduate Research Award winners! To see the work of winners from years past, please see our collection in Deep Blue

Outstanding First-Year Research Project

Craig Hudson 
The Architectures of Security: Differential Deployments of Architectural Form
(Advisor: Alexander Ramsey)

Team Award (tie)

Henry Fleischmann, Seth Greenfield, Christina Jiang, and Aelita Klausmeier 
Quantifying Gerrymandering in Michigan 
(Advisor: Timothy Ryan)

Jack Thiesen, Jeremy Hepker, Keegan Pombier, and Wenjin Yu 
Computational Analysis of Radiation Dosimetry Data 
(Advisor: Kim Kearfott)

Maize Award (single-term projects)

First Place: Natalie Rosenblatt 
“Stop-and-Frisk” Policing in New York City: An historical evaluation of the controversial policy 
(Advisor: Matt Lassiter)

Second Place: Caitlyn Zawideh 
Do You Know Who You Are? 
(Advisor: T. A. Hetzel)

Third Place: Priya Dutta 
Promoting Awareness, Diversity, & Inclusivity: Accessibility in Medical Education  
(Advisor: M. Remi Yergeau)

Blue Award (multi-term projects)

First Place: Abigail Richburg  
Meta-Analysis of Gender Differences in Pubertal Timing and Status Relations with Body Image and Self-Esteem  
(Advisor: Pamela Davis-Kean)

Second Place: Samuel Maves  
Interdistrict Choice Beyond the Classroom: Transfer Student Challenges in Selecting and Attending Suburban Schools of Choice 
(Advisor: Rachel Best)

Third Place: Elise Pelletier 
Variability of Meteoric Water Isotopes in the Great Lakes Region  
(Advisor: Naomi Levin)
Global Award: Madeline Topor 
Phosphate Analysis and Evidence for Industry at Iklaina: Implications for Mycenaean Economies and State Formation 
(Advisor: Michael Galaty)

Special Award

Myah McCormick, Mohamed Abdelhady, Dan Armus, Rachel Elllis, Raymond Galasso, Noelle McNamara, Vaishali Nambiar, Alana Reinert, Kayla Rothstein, Shayaan Siddiqui, Marc Skriloff, Jason Steiger, and YeaJin Yang 
Crossroads The University of Michigan Undergraduate Journal of Anthropology inaugural issue. The Future After Covid-19: Implications of a Global Pandemic 
(Advisor: Stuart Kirsch)

The Undergraduate Research Awards are named for and funded by former U-M Librarian Pamela J. MacKintosh.