Internal Resources

Resources created by the Digital Preservation Office

"Preserving Personal Digital Files" by Sarah Wingo. This document gives an overview of general digital preservation applied to your personal files; ways to preserve specific files such as text, images, audio, video, email, and websites; and methods of backing up your digital life.
"How To Preserve Your Own Digital Materials" and "Resources for Information About Preserving Your Digital Materials". This document will guide you in keeping your digital materials safe, so that you and your family can look at them in the future. It also provides links to a number of resources that will help you learn more about preserving your personal digital materials, digitizing your LP records or photographs, or backing up your files on the Internet.

"A Quick Guide to Digital Video Files". This short document is intended to provide information on the basics of digital video, such as resolution, bit rate, file formats, and metadata.

"Best Practices for Producing Quality Digital Audio Files" and "Best Practices for Producing Quality Digital Video Files." These documents outline recommendations for creating high-quality digital audio and video files that conform to contemporary preservation standards. Although intended for users depositing materials into Deep Blue, UM's institutional repository, the information is useful for anyone working with digital audio or video.

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Last modified: 06/14/2018