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Exhibit Summary

Puzzle Me This

The motivation for this exhibit of early binding fragments in the University of Michigan Papyrology Collection was the completion of a long-held wish on my part. The wish was to determine what might be found in the way of binding fragments in a fascinatingly diverse collection of materials with which I was once associated as a conservator at the University of Michigan many years ago and occasionally since as a researcher. That wish is now being realized due to the near-completion of the rehousing project for the papyri, begun in 1987, which has reached the point where all of the hidden enclosures of the past have revealed their contents. A number of binding fragments have now come to light, and almost none of them have been described for the scholarly community.

On your right is an original watercolor painted by artist Mary Heebner in 2014, drawing inspiration from photographs of two fragments from the University of Michigan Papyrology Collection of what may have once been a book cover, P. Mich. Inv. 4088. 

Curated by Julia Miller, Guest Curator