Collection Area: Japanese Studies

playing card with a poem in japanese
Playing Cards with poem by Fujiwara no Sadakata
from the Brower Fund Collection.
The Japanese studies collection is a Japanese-language collection that supports research and education related to Japan in the humanities and social sciences. All areas in which teaching and research take place at the University of Michigan are well represented. 
The collection is one of the largest Japanese academic collections outside of Japan. The collection’s strengths include:
  • Religion
  • Medieval
  • Pre-modern and modern history
  • Classic and modern literature
  • Statistical data
  • Economics
  • Political science
  • Music
  • Screen art and cultures 
In recent years the library has increased its holdings of materials on contemporary Japan; contemporary literature, US-Japan relations, popular culture, and performing arts. Extensive Japanese legal materials are held at the Law School Library
The library will continue to emphasize the acquisition of materials in traditional formats while continuing to acquire media materials and electronic resources and establish access to databases related to Japanese Studies.
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Last modified: 06/14/2018