Keiko Yokota-Carter

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412 Hatcher North
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1190
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Japanese Studies Librarian


Liaison, selector for Japanese Studies collection

the Center for Japanese Studies member



Master of Information and Library Studies, 1997, University of Michigan, School of Information

Master of Arts, 1990, Stanford University, School of Education (International Development Education Program with concentration in Japan)

Bachelor of Arts, 1982, Fairhaven College, Western Washington University, Sociology and Women’s Studies

Bachelor of Arts, 1980, Tsuda College, Tokyo, Japan, International Relations


1999 - 2012  Japanese Studies librarian, University of Washington Libraries

1998 - 1999  Japanese Material Specialist, Online Computer Library Center (OCLC)

1994 - 1995  Lecturer in Japanese language, Smith College

1994 - 1995  Program Coordinator for the Residential Academic Program, University of Massachusetts, at Amherst

1989 - 1994  Lecture in Japanese language, Amherst College

1987 - 1988  Teaching Associate in Japanese language, Cornell University

1983 - 1986 English teacher at the Osaka Municipal High schools


  • development and maintenance of the Japanese collection
  • evaluation and selection of information sources related to Japanese Studies
  • reference and research consultation in supporting instructional programs designed for Japanese Studies
  • searve as liaison with the Center for Japanese studies faculty
  • respond to the fauclty/stduents research and teaching needs
  • cooperate with the Center for Japanese studies activities and projects

Data Profile

My expertise is centered on Japanese studies, particularly in the Humanities and Social Science fields. Beyond knowing the needs of researchers in these fields, my knowledge base includes an understanding of how scholarly communication is practiced in Japan, trends in publishing, vendors and scholarly organizations, and my personal network of researchers and stakeholders in Japanese studies from around the world.  I have been the primary negotiator to bring Japanese commercial databases to the North American university libraries since 2000. I am an advocate for digital scholarship, open access and the University of Michigan Library in my network.  

  • I can conduct data interviews to help better understand researcher needs.

  • I can help researchers locate materials (digital texts, etc.) to support scholarship on Japan, particularly to support Digital Humanities work.

  • I serve as an advocate for the UM Library and I can serve as a facilitator to help connect researchers to library services.

Other professional actitives:

Nationally, KYC has been Chair of the Japanese Materials Committee of the Council on the East Asia Libraries (April, 2005 – March, 2008) and the Chair for the North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Studies Library Resources (NCC) (January, 2010 – December, 2012). Currently, she is chairing the NCC’s National Cooperative Collection Development Working Group.  She has worked in various ways to promote digital scholarship at UM, helping students and faculty make use of online research materials and presenting on digital scholarship at international conferences.  In March 2015, she organized a collaborative workshop between the UM Center for Japanese Studies and the School of Information entitled “Digital Humanities and the Futures of Japanese Studies.” In 2012 she organized the Summit on “From Cool Japan to Real Japan –  seeking global corporation on promoting access to Japanese academic resource from overseas” at the Library and Fair in Yokohama, Japan.