Transfer Students

Explore introductory materials, find out how to get involved, and who to contact for help as you learn about our dynamic space on campus.

What happens at the library?

Students come here to study, create, learn new skills, collaborate with others, get research support, and find books, articles, music, and more. 

Watch our welcome video to learn more about what we provide.

Get started

We are the fourth largest academic library in the country, so it takes time figure out all we offer.

There are lots of options to help you get started:

    Get involved

    1. Student Mini Grants

      Funding and mentorship for projects with a real-world impact.

    2. Café Shapiro

      Readings by select undergraduate student writers.

    3. Undergraduate Research Award

      Recognizing excellence in undergraduate research.

    4. Engagement Fellows

      Get career and leadership experience in this unique library fellowship.

    5. Michigan Library Scholars

      Get hands-on professional experience while working on a project with an international focus in this paid internship.

    6. Student Ambassadors

      Get event planning and social media marketing experience as a student ambassador for the library.

    Get help

    1. Ask a Librarian

      We can help you locate library resources, connect with a specialist, or find support at any stage of your project.

    2. Find a Specialist

      Search for people by subject area or specialty.

    3. Find Resources with Research Guides

      Use our curated research guides to find in-depth resources by topic, course, or speciality.

    4. Drop-in Workshops

      Join one of our workshops on a variety of topics relevant to teaching, learning, and research.

    Research guides for every major or program

    Our suite of research guides represent every major and program on campus. Guides include resources and services — plus specialists to contact for help — within a particular major.