Faculty and Researchers

Find support for all phases of your research, from access to materials to help finding funding, managing your data, and sharing and preserving your work.

We're here to help

Our specialists represent a wide range of subjects and expertise and can help you navigate all the library has to offer.

Do you also teach? See information for instructors to learn how we support your courses — including access to materials — and partner with us to integrate library instruction, design assignments, use tutorials, and more. You can also jump straight to requesting instruction.

Find and use materials

  1. Find Materials

    Learn how to locate our resources, from searching by topic to looking for specific formats.

  2. Access Online Resources

    Whether on campus or remote, you can use your library access to online resources.

  3. Faculty and Staff Borrowing

    Current and retired faculty and staff can borrow materials, and current faculty can assign someone to borrow on their behalf.

  4. Request Items for Pick Up or Delivery

    How to get the library materials you need, whether they're in our collections or not.

  5. Request Digital Copies or Duplication

    Get certain items scanned or digitized.

  6. Recommend a Purchase for the Collection

    Request or make recommendations for items to add to our collection.

Research and project support

  1. Funding and Grants

    We can help you find funding at each stage of your career, and at every stage of your research project.

  2. Digital Scholarship

    Access resources and support to help you plan, produce, and preserve your digital scholarship.

  3. Data Services

    Discover resources and support to access, organize, visualize, and preserve research data.

  4. Copyright Services

    Get answers on copyright and fair use through our consultations, workshops and presentations, online resources, and more.

  5. Share and Preserve Your Work

    Preserve your scholarly work in a discoverable digital repository.

  6. Open Access Publishing Support

    Take advantage of discounts on article publishing charges (APCs) in open access journals.

  7. Publish with Us

    Amplify the visibility, reach, and impact of your scholarly work with readers around the world through our publishing services and press.

  8. Research Impact

    Build your scholarly profile and communicate the impact of your work.

Get help

  1. Ask a Librarian

    We can help you locate library resources, connect with a specialist, or find support at any stage of your project.

  2. Find a Specialist

    Search by subject or specialty to find library experts who can connect you with resources and support.

  3. Find Resources with Research Guides

    Use our curated research guides to find in-depth resources by topic, course, or speciality.

  4. Drop-in Workshops

    Join one of our workshops on a variety of topics relevant to teaching, learning, and research.

Plan a visit

  1. Library Locations by Campus

    Select a specific location for details about visiting.

  2. Computing and Technology

    Access our computers, get signed on, locate library printers and copiers, and more.

  3. Events and Exhibits

    See what's happening across the library and where to find our rotating exhibits.