Borrow and Return

Find out whether you’re eligible to borrow materials, how long you can keep items, and other details.

Who can borrow

  1. Who Can Borrow Materials

    Programs and options for current members of the U-M community and guests.

  2. Student Borrowing

    Currently registered students from all three U-M campuses can borrow materials, with additional offerings for graduate students.

  3. Faculty and Staff Borrowing

    Current and retired faculty and staff can borrow materials, and current faculty can assign someone to borrow on their behalf.

  4. Visiting Scholar Borrowing

    Privileges for visiting scholars who have been invited to campus to participate in research or instructional activities.

  5. Guests and Alumni Borrowing

    Guests with specific academic affiliations are eligible to borrow materials. Alumni and all other guests can pay an annual fee.

  6. Borrowing Agreements with Other Institutions

    You can borrow materials from other state and regional institutions as a guest through reciprocal agreements, if you’re eligible.

Borrowing details

  1. How Long You Can Keep Items

    See loan periods for materials checked out at our library locations.

  2. Renew Your Items

    Most local materials renew automatically, but you need to request interlibrary loan renewals.

  3. Request Return of Checked-out Items

    How to “recall” an item checked out to somebody else, and what to do if someone requests an item you’ve checked out.

  4. Where to Return Items

    Drop boxes and locations where you can return materials, including specifics for media items and interlibrary loans.

  5. Reminders and Overdue Items

    Our notices and fines for keeping items past their due date.

  6. Checkout Special Items and Equipment

    Borrow items like adapters, laptop locks, and bike pumps onsite.