The psychology collection focuses on scholarly works related to research, theory, history, and methodology in the field, with an emphasis on research over clinical practice. 

This collection supports the teaching and research needs of the Department of Psychology, as well as interdisciplinary work in related areas. Areas of focus include biopsychology, clinical science, cognition and cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology, personality and social contexts, social psychology, educational psychology, and feminist psychology. 

Materials related to counseling psychotherapy practice may be collected in order to inform clinical research, as well as to support related fields. Works from areas such as psychoanalysis practice are collected sparingly, as are popular psychology and parapsychology topics. Some general mental health works are collected to support interests across the university.

Although we include publications about tests and measurements, we do not collect individual psychological test instruments.

Important related collections 

Related collections of interest include biology; psychiatry and neuroscience materials in our health sciences collection; and other areas in the social sciences, such as social work, education, and organizational studies.

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Plastic model of a human brain.


Photograph of Vitalina Robinson, a middle-aged latine woman with light brown skin, wearing glasses and smiling in front of a colorful background.
Vitalina Robinson

Librarian for Psychology and Sociology