Environment and Sustainability

This collection is cross-disciplinary, emphasizing literature and datasets related to the natural sciences and social sciences in support of scholarship conducted within the School for Environment and Sustainability. We pay particular attention to:

  • Climate change and global change
  • Behavior, education, and communication as it relates to environment and sustainability
  • Conservation ecology, including wildlife restoration and rewilding
  • Environmental informatics and geospatial data science
  • Environmental justice
  • Environmental policy and planning
  • Sustainable systems
  • Natural resource management
  • Landscape architecture

Our collection emphasizes climate change, environmental sustainability, environmental resilience, and environmental justice. Historically, collecting has been strongest in areas such as fisheries, oceanography, aspects of water, and forestry. 

We collect most content for use at a graduate research level, but we also collect items for undergraduates and more general audiences, as well as manuals and resources for advocates and practitioners.

In addition to current books, academic journals, datasets, and relevant reference works, we include information sources that support field-based learning, applied professional and technical training, and management. Materials are largely in English, but relevant items in other languages may be acquired upon request.

A cluster of wind turbines in an open field


Jacob Glenn

Librarian for Environment & Sustainability