Data Acquisitions

The library acquires data through several different channels, including the following:

Library Subject Specialists

Library subject specialists can assist in discovering, accessing and acquiring many different types of materials, including data, using their in-depth knowledge of a discipline or language.

Library Data Grants Program

The Library Data Grants Program accepts applications for library-licensed acquisition of access to data sets for affiliated researchers' research projects. University of Michigan affiliated researchers, including faculty, staff, post-docs, graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to apply. 

Data Acquisition for Data Science (DADS)

Data Acquisition for Data Science (DADS) supports acquisition, preparation, management, and maintenance of specialized research data sets used in current and future data science-enabled research projects across U-M, with special focus on the four challenge initiative areas pursued by the Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS): transportation science, health science, social science, and learning analytics.

Requests for DADS funding will be submitted through the web form available on Library, MIDAS, and CSCAR websites, and accepted on a rolling basis. Selection criteria and processes are detailed on the DADS information page.

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Last modified: 11/02/2016