Loan Periods

Loan periods vary depending on the library from which the material is borrowed. Please consult an individual library's circulation services page or library staff for policies particular to that library.

This table should be used only as a guideline for regular circulating materials. DVDs, CDs, and many other items may be exceptions. Recalls can also change the due date of an item you have out.


Faculty, Staff,
Graduate Students

and Guests
Art, Architecture and Engineering Library 8 weeks 3 weeks
Askwith Media Library 2 days 2 days
Buhr Shelving Facility Term 3 weeks
Fine Arts Library 8 weeks 3 weeks
University of Michigan Flint Library Term 3 weeks
Hatcher Graduate Library Term 3 weeks
Herbarium Library Term 3 weeks
Museums Library Term 3 weeks
Music Library Term 3 weeks
Science Library Term 3 weeks
Taubman Health Sciences Library Term 3 weeks
UM Transportation Research Institute Library 8 weeks 3 weeks
Undergraduate Library 8 weeks 3 weeks


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Last modified: 03/31/2016