Borrowing Privileges for the U-M Community

The University Library offers a variety of borrowing programs for members of the U-M community. Those eligible for library borrowing are:

To borrow from a library, you must have a borrowing card. In most cases this will be your M-Card. If you are affiliated with the University of Michigan, but cannot find the appropriate U-M community category above that describes your affiliation, please contact the Hatcher Graduate Library Information Services Desk.

If you are not a member of the U-M campus community, please visit the Borrowing Privileges for U-M Alumni & Guests web page for information. 


Currently registered U-M students from all three campuses (Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint) are eligible to borrow. New students can have their M-Cards activated at the Information Services desks at the Hatcher Graduate Library, Taubman Medical Library, Art, Architecture & Engineering Library, or the Shapiro Undergraduate Library. Returning students can bring their M-Cards to any library Information Services desk.

Students can borrow from the library while actively enrolled in an academic program. Students enrolled in classes for the duration of Winter semester will be able to borrow during the following Spring/Summer semester (even if not enrolled in classes). Students are also able to borrow for a limited grace period after graduating.

Graduate Students

Please be aware that if you have more than one type of borrowing privilege, e.g., both a student and an instructional card, the privilege level used to borrow materials will determine the loan regulations and sanctions governing your transaction. Sanctions imposed on a student borrower will not be waived upon presentation of a higher level borrowing card.


Faculty and Staff


 Spouse or Other Qualified Adult of U-M Faculty and Staff

  • If you are a U-M faculty or staff member, you may request a library card for your spouse or other qualified adult. To request or renew, the employee must have an active faculty level position or a permanent regular staff appointment.
  • Borrowing privileges are good for one year, renewable annually, or for the duration of the faculty/staff appointment, if less than one year.
  • The spouse or other qualified adult is responsible for any borrowing activity occurring on the card including payment for all books or other library material that may be lost while charged to the card.
  • Loan periods will be for the semester. The number of books that may be charged is unlimited, although the number of renewals may vary among the libraries.

Faculty Proxies

  • Borrowing by proxy provides borrowing privileges to individuals working for or with a U-M faculty member who has a permanent teaching appointment. This card is issued only upon written authorization of the faculty member and, although the proxied individual carries the library card, the sponsoring faculty member is wholly responsible for all materials borrowed in his or her name. The borrowing privileges of both the sponsoring faculty and the proxy will be suspended if the proxy card is delinquent.
  • The faculty member assumes full responsibility including:
    • Prompt communication with the proxy regarding all notices and correspondence.
    • Return or renewal of books on due date.
    • Immediate return of books that are recalled for use by other borrowers.
    • Payment for all library materials that may be lost while charged to the proxy.
    • Written notification if a proxy is to be revoked or canceled before the expiration date.
  • Proxy cards are issued for no more than one year at a time and must be renewed each year.
  • Faculty should apply online for proxy accounts

Visiting Scholars (sponsored by a U-M department)

The University Library provides privileges to borrow from its collections to scholars who have been invited to the U-M campus to participate in research or instructional activities. Departments sponsoring visiting scholars should request borrowing privileges.

All other visitors who do not have this invited status may purchase Guest Borrowing Privileges in person at the Hatcher Graduate Library.


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Last modified: 04/26/2019