Book Renewals

Books from any University Library may be renewed through Mirlyn:

  • Select the My Account link at the top of any Mirlyn page, or at the top of library webpages like this one.

  • Enter your uniqname and UMICH password, if you aren't already authenticated.

  • To renew one or more individual items, check the box next to the item's title, then click the "Renew Selected Items" button.

  • To renew all your items, check the box next to the "Renew Selected Items" button, look for the checkmarks on all items, then click the "Renew Selected Items" button.

Patrons who are unable to login to Mirlyn may use the form below.

Making the request does not guarantee that the books have been renewed. You will receive a receipt for your renewal when it is completed.

If there are any problems renewing the books or with your library account, we will contact you via the e-mail address that you provide below.

You may also contact us directly by e-mail to, by telephone at (734) 764-0401, or in person at our office in Rm. 104 Hatcher North.

Your name:
Your e-mail address:
Your barcode number*:  
* Located on the back of the MCard or library card.
Renewal instructions
 Renew all my books
 Special instructions: Enter your instructions in the text box below
(Ex.: Please renew all books due March 17th)

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