Takedown Policy for Addressing Copyright Concerns

The University of Michigan Library strives to determine that it has appropriate rights to preserve and provide access to content. Parties who have questions or concerns about the use of specific works may email Library Information Technology at LibraryIT-info@umich.edu.

To help the Library identify the work(s) in question, please indicate:

  1. Your relationship to the copyright holder (including if you are the copyright holder), and
  2. The works with which you are concerned. Providing URLs in your communication is the best way to help us locate content quickly.

The University of Michigan Library will respond to all correspondence within one business day. If the Library is not able to determine that it is permitted to provide access to the work(s) in question, the Library will cease providing access to the work(s). The Library may work with the University of Michigan's Office of the General Counsel to make determinations about appropriate use.

To issue a DMCA take-down notice, please contact the University's DMCA compliance officer.