Anatomage Table

This operating-bed sized table provides highly accurate, 3D visualizations of human and animal anatomy.

Use the Anatomage Table on the main floor of the Taubman Health Sciences Library to virtually examine the human body through advanced medical imaging of cadavers. 

Eligible users can make a reservation to use the table in person or online. Others are welcome to use the physical table during the library’s public hours unless it's reserved by a member of the U-M community.

What you can do with the table

The table’s 84-inch interactive touchscreen interface allows for an immersive, hands-on approach to the study of anatomy and physiology, an innovation that has led to its adoption by many of the world’s leading medical schools and institutions.

With the table, you can:

  • Virtually dissect full-scale images of actual human and animal cadavers
  • Remove layers to reveal bones, muscles, nerves, veins, and arteries
  • Make incisions with digital tools and examine the cut from any angle
  • Explore thousands of real medical cases
  • Tap on a blood vessel to see annotated blood flow animation
  • Select specific joints to view and interact with motions of the hip, knee, and shoulder
  • Explore a virtual pregnancy, catheterization, nerve pathways, heart motion, eye movements, and 3D models of real cadaver prosections
  • Support your work with interactive quizzes and color coded self-study tools
  • Use Science Table by Anatomage — a digital lab software that offers on-demand access to 60+ complex virtual experiments in biology, chemistry, and physics (only available on the physical table)

Check out Anatomage's YouTube channel to see what’s possible. You can also read about the table being used in a movement science course in the 2024 issue of The Connector.

Reserve and use the table

U-M health sciences student, faculty, or staff members can reserve the physical table any time the library is open. 

U-M faculty, staff, and students, as well as Michigan Medicine clinicians and allied health professionals, can use the table online to support instruction and research. Access is through TableOnCloud, which works in your web browser. You must make a TableOnCloud reservation to receive login information.

Get help 

Please watch the U-M Anatomage Table introduction video to get started.

U-M faculty and staff, as well as Michigan Medicine clinicians and allied health professionals, can request a consultation by emailing

Credit your work

Please credit any exported images as being from the Anatomage Table or rendered with its software. If you would like to publish something for mass production, contact Anatomage at

Arrange a course demonstration or school visit

We can provide demonstrations for U-M courses and groups by request. We also welcome visits from local educational community and school groups.

Contact us via email at to make arrangements. 

Please share your feedback about the Anatomage Table or TableOnCloud.