Scott L Dennis

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Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1190
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Librarian for Philosophy, General Reference, and Core Electronic Resources



University of Michigan Library (1997 - present), Marquette University Libraries (1991-97), University of Michigan Department of Philosophy's Tanner Library (1987-91), University of California-Berkeley Music Library (1985-87), Chicago International Film Festival (1982-83), University of Chicago Art History Slide Library (1981-82)

  • Master of Information and Library Studies, University of Michigan, 1990
  • Master of Arts in English, University of California-Berkeley, 1987 (master's thesis on Proust's influence on contemporary American gay novelists)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with Honors, University of Chicago, 1982 (bachelor's thesis on Hans Reichenbach's philosophy of science)


I am a member of the Arts & Humanities Team in the University Library's Research Unit.  I have a deep knowledge of the humanities and have previously served as a library subject specialist for several other humanities disciplines in addition to Philosophy.

I serve as chair of the Core Electronic Resources Team (or Core E-Team), and the General Reference & Popular Press E-Team, two of eight e-teams responsible for selection and management of library electronic resources.  I have a strong interest in the technical aspects of public access to materials, and also serve as chair of the University Library's Public Access Resources Committee (PARC) that advises on interface design and development.  Currently I'm also co-lead of the Search Project Team that is redesigning the search functions of the University Library website, and serve as an editor of the site's Search Tools databases list.  I am very interested in open access issues and have worked to raise the consciousness of researchers in retaining rights to their work and improving publication practices.

I can work with researchers who are interested in text mining to connect them to collections of materials, newspapers in particular, within and outside of the Library. I can also help researchers determine what is permitted for text mining under the license agreement currently in effect.    

  • I can help researchers in the humanities organize and format their materials effectively.
  • I can raise awareness of the importance and value of metadata.
  • I can assist researchers to consider how they might share their data effectively. I can assist researchers in depositing their data into the Deep Blue Data repository.
  • I can refer researchers to others in the library who can help address their needs as necessary.