Scott Dennis

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Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1190
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Librarian for Philosophy, General Reference, and Core Electronic Resources



University of Michigan Library (1997 - present), Marquette University Libraries (1991-97), University of Michigan Department of Philosophy's Tanner Library (1987-91), University of California-Berkeley Music Library (1985-87), Chicago International Film Festival (1982-83), University of Chicago Art History Slide Library (1981-82)

  • Master of Information and Library Studies, University of Michigan, 1990
  • Master of Arts in English, University of California-Berkeley, 1987 (master's thesis on Proust's influence on contemporary American gay novelists)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with Honors, University of Chicago, 1982 (bachelor's thesis on Hans Reichenbach's philosophy of science)


I am a member of the Arts & Humanities Team in the University Library's Research Unit.  I have a deep knowledge of the humanities and have previously served as a library subject specialist for several other humanities disciplines in addition to Philosophy.

I serve as chair of the Core Electronic Resources Team (or Core E-Team), and the General Reference & Popular Press E-Team, two of eight e-teams responsible for selection and management of library electronic resources.  I have a strong interest in the technical aspects of public access to materials, and also serve as a member of the U-M Library's Discovery & Access Advisory Group (DAAG) that advises on interface design and development, and as an editor of U-M Library Databases Search.  I am very interested in open access issues and have worked to raise the consciousness of researchers in retaining rights to their work and improving publication practices.

I can work with researchers who are interested in text mining to connect them to collections of materials, newspapers in particular, within and outside of the Library. I can also help researchers determine what is permitted for text mining under the license agreement currently in effect.    

  • I can help researchers in the humanities organize and format their materials effectively.
  • I can raise awareness of the importance and value of metadata.
  • I can assist researchers to consider how they might share their data effectively. I can assist researchers in depositing their data into the Deep Blue Data repository.
  • I can refer researchers to others in the library who can help address their needs as necessary.