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Director, Strategic Integration and Partnerships and Program Manager, Lever Press


As Director, Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships, I am responsible for evaluating and onboarding new opportunities, initiatives, and projects that impact Michigan Publishing as a whole, or that don't (yet) neatly fit into one of our existing product lines. 

Examples of projects I'm currently involved with include: 

Michigan Publishing is the hub of scholarly publishing at the University of Michigan, and is a part of its dynamic and innovative University Library. We publish scholarly and educational materials in a range of formats for wide dissemination and permanent preservation, provide publishing services to the University of Michigan community and beyond, and advocate for the broadest possible access to scholarship everywhere. Michigan Publishing consists of the University of Michigan Press, Michigan Publishing Services, and Deep Blue. 

I am also the Program Manager for Lever Press, a new open-access, digital-first scholarly press born out of a collaboration among a task force of librarians from the Oberlin Group, Michigan Publishing, Amherst College Press, and more than 40 liberal arts colleges that have pledged financial support to fund this five-year pilot. As Program Manager, I am responsible for coordinating our Oversight Committee, ensuring that agreements and billing with our pledging institutions are executed smoothly, maintaining relationships with stakeholders in the libraries of our pledging institutions, and acting as a liaison between Lever Press and Michigan Publishing's production and technology teams, who will produce and support the infrastructure for this new press.


I graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University, where I majored in English literature with minors in Hispanic studies and religious studies. I completed my MSI at UM's School of Information in 2009, concentrating in Archives and Records management. 

I have worked at Michigan Publishing since 2009, in a few different roles, including Digital Publishing Coordinator, Journals Coordinator, and as the outreach librarian for the Text Creation Partnership. 

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