Meghan JK Musolff

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818 Hatcher South
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1190
Lead Project Manager


As the Library's Lead Project Manager, I am responsible for project management leadership and consult with library colleagues on the planning, implementation, team formation, communication, and assessment of library-wide change initiatives, projects, and teams. I work with colleagues to identify project resources, dependencies and barriers, and facilitates shifts in approach in response to situational, environmental, or organizational changes. 

I steward the portfolio of work related to the Library’s Strategic Framework and collaborate with library colleagues to develop systems, processes, policies, and tools that ensure activities are aligned with the library’s mission, values, and strategic objectives.

In order to foster healthy project management practices and methodologies in the library, I provide guidance to the library community by creating and curating resources, tools, and training opportunities, in areas such as strategic planning, systems thinking, change management, organizational development, inclusive meeting facilitation and self-care. I am co-chair of the Library’s Project Management Special Interest Group and facilitate project management workshops across the U-M campus.


I have been with the University of Michigan for 14 years. Before my current position, I was the Program Manager for Library IT Services, Training, and Assessment. Prior to joining the U-M Library, I was the Assistant Coordinator of the Visual Resource Collection in the History of Art Department at U-M and the Kress Fellow in Art Librarianship at Yale University. I have a MLIS from Dominican University and a MA in Art History from Michigan State University.  My undergraduate degree is from Wittenberg University where I studied art/art history.


Project management:

  • Responsible for library-wide project management leadership
  • Consult in the planning, implementation, team forming, communication strategy and assessment of cross-division projects
  • Ensure compliance with project management standards by project teams
  • When needed, serve in the role of project manager for large-scale projects

Guidance and Support: 

  • Provide guidance to colleagues managing initiatives, projects, and teams
  • Co-create and curate resources, tools, and training opportunities related to project management, meeting facilitation, team formation, change management and other related topics
  • Build a community and support network to foster healthy project management practices and methodologies within our organization

Systems Development & Stewardship:

  • Co-develop processes, policies, procedures, and tools to support the work of the library
  • Steward this work by documenting, communicating, training, and assessing new and existing systems

Portfolio Management:

  • Stewardship of the portfolio of work related to the Library's Strategic Objectives, including strategic planning, scheduling, change management and assessment
  • Management of the Deans’ Office portfolio of work, including strategic planning, scheduling, implementation, change management and assessment
  • Provide updates to stakeholders on the progress of each portfolio
  • Capture and summarize data on the performance of each portfolio to inform future decision making
  • Monitor status of projects and assist to mitigate potential barriers to forward progress

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