Jo Angela Oehrli

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2222 LSA
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
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Learning Librarian, Children's Literature Librarian


I am a former high school and middle school teacher who can help students find information on a wide range of topics. I teach library resources sessions to different classes or just meet with students individually to help them with their papers, research, or any other information need.   I support the students in the Women in Science and Engineering Residential Program and the students in the Michigan Research Community Residential Program as well as undergraduates across campus.  I also support the research and instructional needs for those throughout the university community who are studying children's literature at any level.


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American Library Association, Library Instruction Round Table, Librarian Recognition Award (2017).

University of Michigan Librarian Recognition Award (2017).


  • Bachelor of Arts, English and History, Western Michigan University (1992)
  • Teacher Certification, 7-12, English and History, Western Michigan University (1999)
  • Master of Science in Information, University of Michigan (2009)