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Librarian for Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands


As the Southeast Asian Bibliographer, I primarily do collection development on Southeast Asia, Pacific Islands, Australia, and New Zealand in all languages.  Ancilliary to collection development is answering  reference questions that pertains to the above mentioned countries and region. 


I am a true Blue and Maize person.  All graduate degrees in Southeast Asian Studies and Library Science in Archival Administration comes from the University of Michigan.  Through the years, I have grants from NEH --mostly to organized and catalog Thai language materials; with the Luce and Ford Foundation grant I managed the Vietnam Union Catalog for five nationwide libraries and Australia. I currently have another Luce Foundation grant.  The project entails a development of a research center in the Bikol area of the Philippines; mostly digitizing all the Bikol region languages publications.  This project will commence in the later part of 2019. Other NEH grant that benefitted all other Area Programs was in the collection of Islamic materials from the region and the NEH grant to digitize materials when the United States inherited the Philippines from Spain. The majority of the materials digitized was on the Philippines and American activities in the Philippines.. I have publications that refer to libraries in the Philippines and the United States. I also have written on the  history of Cebu.  My other loyalty, goes to the University of San Carlos, Cebu City, Philippines  where I received a Masters degrees in History and Library Science. I taught/researched in  both subjects as well as held a library position.  The crown of my career in the Philippines is the establishment of the Cebuano Studies Center--a regional collection for Cebuano speakers. 


As the specialist for this region of the world, I perform collection development--which includes selection of both print and non-print (includes electronic source and microforms), liaison to all my Southeast Asian vendors ; answer reference questions/consultations that pertains to the region.  I also do cataloging for all publications coming from the island world of Southeast Asia. Subject oriented library instruction is part of  my work as well as managing the unit.  The duties mentioned above reflects the mission of the University Library.

My  other hat involves 2 other areas of the world :  collection development for Australia,New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.  As in all my responsibilities, I liaison with faculty, and do reference work.