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Research Data Services

Your research data are important. Research Data Services is a network of services throughout the Library to assist you during all phases of the research data lifecycle. For questions about research data or to schedule a consultation, please get in touch with your subject librarian or email us.

We provide services in the following areas: 

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Data Management Planning: helping plan for managing, sharing and curating data and develop Data Management Plans (DMPs) that meet funder requirements.

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Discovery & Access: assisting in discovering, accessing, and acquiring different types of research materials, including data. 

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Data Organization & Management: helping researchers to understand, develop and apply strategies for organizing and managing their data.

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Metadata & Documentation: locating standards for documentation that capture the details of generating, processing and analyzing data so it can be discovered, understood and reused.

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Data Sharing & Publication: helping disseminate research data for discovery, access and reuse in ways that enable researchers to receive credit for their work.

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Preservation: taking action to sustain the accessibility and scholarly value of data over time. 

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Data Visualization: a rich and diverse set of practices, methodologies and tools from hand drawn charts to interactive web maps to immersive 3-D environments.


Images courtesy of Dimitry Sunseifer, anbileru adaleru, Zlatko Najdenovski, Norbert Kucsera, Giorgio Uboldi, and Pascal Conil-lacoste via the Noun Project

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Last modified: 02/02/2018