Put Items on Physical Reserve

Our physical course reserves service is available for required readings when an electronic equivalent is not available, or when an item must be in a specific format, such as image-intensive materials or musical scores.

As permitted by copyright law, we may scan and provide small portions of works. To get started, request a digital scan.

How it works

Make books and other physical materials available for short-term loans (4 hours or 1 day) by putting them "on reserve" for your students in a library building.

Generally, one copy of each item can be placed on reserve. Additional copies can be added for classes with high enrollment.

Instructors may place materials on reserve at any of our 5 checkout locations across campus. 

See how to submit a request.

Notify your students

Make sure your students know they can find materials for your course through the library. 

Along with noting it on your syllabus, you can provide access through Canvas.